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Is there any way to create you're own secret room using magick? Like make a door in a wall or wake shelves turn beck to make a little room that you know the incantation to? If so please reply with the spell,ritual,or site or tangible resource please! Thanks!

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magic`s not real-sooorry

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Ok I didn't ask for critique. I just asked whether anyone knew the spell. I understand that certin things are illusionary magic but I am a wiccan and witch so I know! Please do not critique on my witchcraft. AT ALL! Thankyou!

Does anyone know any magic spells or potions?

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I've been a witch not only in this life but hundereds of others and as to answer your question without a prexisting opening it is not possible

clean the house by itself spell?
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to the 13thchild

when I hear you speak all I hear is blah blah blah blah!!!

go back to your fantasy world that you live in!!!

Spells, whoever is a Wiccan

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OMG what drugs are on.!! if you find a MAJIC door somewhere let me know ...GEEZ

Love spells or any kind of spells work.
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LMAO! Stop watching TV.

spells like for good luck or wishing spells

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You should know there are no such things as majic, power, spirits spells etc. just relax ok?

love spells
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umm I dont think so

Ghost people slaming doors and talking

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I am wiccan and I practice magick

Do you believe in the secret and law of attraction.
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maybe you aren't looking in the right places!
you have to find the doors, I don't know about planting them?

Do Wiccan spells really work?
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I dont believe in any powers in witches, or anything else. Its all delusional.

A freezer spell to cause a neighbor to move
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if you dismiss it as fantasy then why does it matter to you whether people practice it or not?
& surley I doubt you'ld say to my face what you've said to me through the comments.
&FYI I've disproved Hawkins theory of black holes(within a half hour might I add), I've taught my so called science teachers rather then they teaching me, & a friend of mine & I are actually working an alternative energy source. Surly I have more wits, brains, & even brawns than you.
& before you dismiss magick as seer fantasy it is supported by science & has been proven to work, look up the quantum theory. The only reason why I'ld be in the craft as long as I have been is because it has worked for me. people test me & I test myself, each time I seem to pass without difficulty of proving it's real. I've turned complete nonbelievers into believers.

to dzorro
again, you can't just do a spell or do some part of it & call yourself a witch or any type of practitioner of the occult, you have to know well of what you do. There are risks of opening doors, yes, that's why you need to know protection & such. As an ex Christians I find myself less greedy as a witch & more happy & at peace. I know many ex Christians that will say the same about Christianity as you had just said about the occult, probably more ex Christians than you do ex Wiccans. & about the wanting of power thing, it's not like they can take it from you, I think you've been watching a little to much TV.

you do realize it's either one or the other(not to be a b*tch here). Witches don't belong to a religion, their just the practitioners. Wiccans are the people who practice the new age religion based on older ones. Witches can do more(types of magick) than wiccans, the rede binds them(the wiccans)-to an extent atleast.

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OK, for one thing and lets get this straight as far as I know there are no spells to turn you into a toad. Another is that YOU chose you're path to god or whatever. I and thex13thxchild chose our paths ( Me as a wiccan and witch) and (her as a witch). God is not going to "Damn us for eternity!"in fact, im pretty sure he wants us to do what we wish to do otherwise don't you think he would have stopped us by now? And another thing witches,pagans and wiccans do not believe there is a hell so there's you're first plan gone. The magicK came from either the blood (you are born into it) Or by absorbing energy around you ( tables, furniture,trees, etc..) Oh and another thing If you are a christian,catholic,Buddhist,Jew, or anything it is branched off witchcraft(meaning our religions are the ones that started you're s. Like I said earlier I doubt that god will have a grudge against all the pagans and witches in the world. You know why? Because you walk by them every freakin day. They are Normal people who have an extra thing. Some of them don't have a choice it is in their blood. Mabie thex13thxchild failed YOU but she didn't fail god. 1 more thing I'm sure most wiccans and pagans and witchs tried another religion before the one they where ment to have! I know I have tried several and I don't and didn't like any of them. You are allowed to worship what you want but leave you're b*ll S*it to someone that cares. Please delete you're posts off this discussion board or I will report abuse.

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ha, please.
I've been a witch for long over half my life now, my life only improved.
Christianity ruined my life, that's the demonic sh*t you have to stay away from. I see it ruin more lives than about anything else, that include it's little off branch Satanism(yes that dawned from Christianity NOT any branch of the occult if you do some research-no the bible doesn't count, it's a fantasy book created by men)
& You do realize Wicca & witchcraft are 2 different things?
Why should she take your advice if you can't even dissever the difference?
The only danger about it is if you don't know what you're doing & you dable in it when ever yu fee like instead of learning the rules & laws of magick(such as christains do!). So back off less you know what you're talking about(& judging by you're comment you don't have a clue)

No there is no magick spell to create a secrete door or passage way, but there are spells to make a room secrete, to guise it, make it unnoticed. If you don't usually work with magick, or don't know what youre doing don't do it, learn about magick first before trying to use it.

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as a wiccan I worship nature
thats what witches do
spells are for things like love, jelousy, good luck, etc.
its almost like praying. wiccans practice magick
what your thinking of is magic, and that simply doesnt exist.

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Isn't good to play with that...I know as I was a time investigating it and used to read Tarott and all. But you can open doors ..the only thing is..You know what door will open or what will come from there? I had some friends that are Wicca & some abandoned that cause was ruining their lives. And one friend He was Shaman and more...& He leaved all that and now He preach the word of God..because with the things He had told me..."Magic isn't good cause made man greedy "

My own experience is: You need to grow more powerful cause there will be someone there who will want your power.. and darkers things that I better reserve to myself.

My advice..don't play with that. But your life is and only you can decide what you will do with it.

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I've been a witch for 8 years.

Magick isn't about making secret doors amd rooms. Magick can't do that. If you think your a witch and that magick is like charmed you need to revaluate and learn what being a witch really is.

there are spells that make a room secrete like 13th said.
I don't give out spells I prefer people write their own.
If you are intersted in what witchcraft and/or wicca really is fun mail me

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No, Nor do I plan to I've reported you!

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cant you just all respect peoples religions or just opinuins in genral ? if you dont think magic is real then why bother just dont go on these pages

P.S im a wiccan

if ure a wiccan mail me

have a nice day

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mesinger, even though you don't agree with someone's posts, she has a right as much as yours to express her opinion. For example, if I don't believe in either witchcraft or Christianity, it doesn't give me the right to delete this whole thread just because I disagree with everyone on here. Everything is fine as long as it is along the Terms of Use.

Only advisors and admins can delete posts anyway, so she cannot do anything even if she wants to, except to mark it anonymous, but the post will still be in this thread.

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one question...

why do you want this?
do not mess with MAGIC, YOU ,may think its fun at tthe time that you can create spells & so on but believe me once you get into Magic & Witch craft you life goes all the way down,

it is Demonic & you have no idea what bad doors you will open & not being able to close,
cause once you have opened doors through magic not only your life but your loved ones lives are in serious Danger!!

so stay away from it please!!!

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I am not a witch but I do know how to FIND these kind of things!
you have to find them, I don't know about making them!!!

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Ok to start of with I'm wiccan and as far as I no there isn't a spell for what you want but you can ask the gods and goddess for help with illusions to make it look like there isn't a door somewhere instead it look like shelves, also runes may help with something like that.

And secondly people please before you comment on questions like this please, I'm mean I'm asking you nicely here look up wicca first, okso you may think magick isn't real don't make us wiccans feel bad about it to us magick is everything and in everything, it's just like me insulting a christian. Which may I point out I have never done.
If you can d that then it would help us wiccans be welcomed in to society and not called satanists because we don't even believe in the devil. Thanks a lot if you do this for us.

Blessed Be

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Sorry, but it doesn't exist.

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*Well then best of luck to you dzorro
As they say, it's not for everyone. Still I stand firm that if you knew what you were doing it wouldn't of happened. I've seen people in pretty bad predicaments because they had not a clue what they were doing, yet fancied theirself a witch, I being the one who had to cleanse their house, banish the spirit, then teach them the basics at the least.


Ha, you must be stoned off your @$$. That's hallywood sweetheart.
& when do you recall me stating people to fear me? Just because I stated a person would not have galls enough to confront me in person does not mean that I've stated for one to fear me. Unlike the biblical religions I dislike people fearing me or my beliefs.

As for God testing, HE MADE ME, he's ALL KNOWING, & ALL POWERFUL, why would he need to test? He knitted us together before we were born & knows us more than anyone or/& anything else. Could it just be condemnation? Makes since. The early Christians believed that, but they didn't spread it out of fear of mass chaos. Could it be that you're WRONG about God? I believe in my own Gods, but never will I turn back to the bible. He's malicious & gory, the idea of a loving God is as new as the Wiccan practice.

“..To Fear the Lord is wisdom”
--Job 28:28

for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God”
-Deut 5:9

“The Lord is a man of War!”
Exodus 15:3

“I form the light, and create darkness:
I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord
do all these things.”
-- Isaiah 45:7 (also Lam3:38)

Wow, such a "loving" God

Have fun being a Christian

"...the Lord will rejoice over you to destroy you, and to bring you to nought;”
Ah, & for the record, you can't say I fell into satan's grip, in the old days there WAS No SATAN! It was all God, playing both Good & evil

& you're half right on that mesinger,
everything branched off from the Paleolithic practice(the root of all occult practices).
It worshiped the female deity, & believed Goddess was the creator & destroyer of all(which makes since if you think about it-can a man have a baby?, didn't think so!). As I stated before, the time of which of when the biblical religions started sprouting up was in a rebellion of the female deity. All powerful Goddess were pared off with Gods or made evil. Few(one of the more popular groups being the Celts) worshiped the female deity long after it was abandoned.
Here's something you ought to know-if you don't already, which I doubt yo do, the idea of a one true God was created when an Egyptian man combined all the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses into one deity & call it the "the one true God", & it just sprung from there. The biblical religions could be called a rebellion, for that's what it was originally, a rebellion of the female deity. Then to gain more followers the biblical religions claimed their way was the only true way less people wanted to be damned to hell. They claimed righteous feats, in competition with the occult practitioners(how naive), in order to get people to worship. They even stole the pagan Holidays(Christmas being the winter Solstice, not the birth of Chris, Jesus was born on the 4th of June! Easter being Eostra, a celebration of the Goddess Ostra & a fertility holiday, ever wonder where the coloration of eggs or the idea of a Easter bunny came from? Surly Jesus didn't hatch from an egg on the day of his so called resurrection, & surly no rabbit delivered him, & most popular All Saints day/All Hallows Eve/Halloween/ whatever you want to call it, either way it's All SAMHAIN the most important holiday to any practitioner made into a child's game!) in attempts to get them to convert. When all else failed it was either convert or get killed in the most brutal matter imagined(funny, the Christians & such had witched build them their church, then killed them, how nice. Thanks for building my church now I'm going to kill you).
As for me failing, no, MAN failed for not being able to create a fable(that's exactly what it is, fable)tangible enough for educated people to belief. Now a days people are brain washed into the bible, not able to question, no, that goes against the bible. Ever wonder why? The bible contradicts itself over & over, things just make no since. people who know most of the bible leave their biblical religion behind & either seek out a new one or just become atheist or spiritualist.

All matter vibrates(less of coarse the temp is absolute 0). Your brain sends out waves, what you believe, you think, you believe in, even your current mood effects how one vibrates. The vibrations do have an effect one's surroundings. Put enough thought into it, learn how to control & harness energy, & one may receive the result sought after. A good example is prayer. It's not some divine intervening. The person is focusing on what needs or what they want to be done. It's kind of an equal exchange when you think of it, thus enough energy can make possible what one wants. Notice however, usually in Christianity one has to be in groups to make a substantial in packed, usually because they don't know to focus their energy & thoughts. That's basically how it works. Look up the quantum theory. Though one part I can't explain, yet, is why powerful practitioners are unable to use any electrical objects without them blowing.

Anything else?

Wiccans do practice magick.

Some people are actually born with higher capabilities in magick than others. It's the same as every other skill, writing, singing, fighting. Either you have it or you don't, then there's those who take interests & learn about it. There are some who are just naturally born with the natural ability to perform it.

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Ok, I will remember that.

But the second thing I swrong : You can be a blood witch. I never said that you are born with all the powers you will ever have but you can still absorb energy by being a blood witch.

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""The magicK came from either the blood (you are born into it)""
Let me tell you first mesinger You will always run in to poeple who will damb you and thorw their religion in your face. You cant argue with them cause they use circlur reasoning, Take it from someone who has delt with it for over 8 years. the best thing to do is ignroe them.
secondly No one is born with it. everyone has the same potintial to use magick.

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I'm so sorry...I don't watch tv , I work very early and what I like to do is to read, I talked about the power in can have your experiences but so do I have mine. I can't tell ALL what I passed in my life because some things I reserve to myself, but they are very serious & creepy about the supernatural in life, when I was in Ocultism. That's why I said: "Better leave that alone" (about magic doors and the such). I don't have to prove myself to anyone cause God already knows what I experienced in life and now I'm out of all that for the better. But as I said too: " Is her/his
life and it can do whatever it wants..."

And the news I watch them on internet..on my mail. :)

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I think it is not physically possible...most "magic" goes along with physics. However, if you are creative enough you can create this room in your head...Good Luck!!

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Exactly what Dzorro said,
dont mess with it!!

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serious witches only! Real witches only!

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