How do you season an iron skillet for the first time?

Answer #1

Remove all packaging, wash and dry completely. Pre-heat an oven to around 350°F / 175°C. Coat the iron skillet with your preferred cooking oil / fat, and place upside down in the heated oven for an hour, with a drip tray underneath.

After seasoning remove the skillet and allow to cool naturally outside the oven. It is recommended that you repeat the process fairly regularly (perhaps after each cooking use) in order to create a really durable finish.

Apart from the initial washing of a new skillet, you should avoid exposing the skillet to water (to avoid rust.). Cleaning of a properly seasoned iron skillet can be achieved by wiping the surface with a dry towel and perhaps a little salt to provide a gentle abrasion.

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– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #2

That’s one of the little things I recall learning back in culinary school when I was training to become a chef….I still do it: Pour some salt in the pan, drop in about a half tsp of oil. Take a rag or paper towel (bunch it up so it’s thick, or you’ll burn your fingers). Turn the stove on high and heat up the pan, using the rag to wipe the inside, spreading around the oil and salt. Keep going until the salt turns a dark brown.

Answer #3

So I do it on the stove not in the oven?

Answer #4

I seasoned my wooden handled wok on the stove (the oven would have damaged the handle. But although the seasoning process was sound near the bottom, it was less satisfactory higher up on the edges. The prolonged even heat in the oven does a better job of the initial seasoning.

Seasoning on the stove is OK prior to use for cooking, but to obtain a really durable cooking surface on a new skillet, several cycles of oven seasoning will do a better job.


Answer #5

I always cook in cast iron… and I season mine in the oven using crisco and following the advice that majilkthise gave.

I never use dish soap to clean my skillets. I use hot water and if you do need to scour the pan, use salt to clean it. I always put a light coating of crisco back in my skillet after each use, but I use them almost daily (put the crisco on paper towel and lightly coat).

I hope that helps.


Answer #6

Yes it does, thx so much

Answer #7

You’re welcome and good luck…

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