Scrued up second day of high school! help!

I have a very bad nervous problam that on the second day of High school I almost threw up 10 minutes into the day so I had to go home. I'm just sooo scared cause everyone is so big and intimidating and im sooo small and quiet and nervous. I've been talking to more people and more often but now high school screwed all that up for me and now theres rumers for inishiation(sry if I spelled it wrong) on friday and im scared! help me!

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I'm a freshman in University. I've been through HS and survived it, easily. Don't worry about any rumors of initiation, more often than not, it's just a stupid rumor.

You didn't ruin HS, so don't worry about it. Some people get really nervous and have anxiety attacks and such. Just try to calm down and remember that HS is not as bad as its made out to be. You'll do fine : )

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aww, its okay, just calm down.
it's not as bad as you think, and a lot of people can be quite friendly.
find a interesting club or afterschool group to join,
usually they are very welcoming. it will make high school a lot easier!
I joined the drama troupe at my school my freshman year and all the kids, even the seniors were super friendly!
good luck, and remember to have fun =)


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I forgot to mention that the school gave me the wrong math room number and went to a grade 10 math class and sat there and asked myself why everyone looled soo big.

How did you spent your...
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babe dont worrie about it just make some friends and just go with the flow and mby you'll start to enjoy it :) x

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How did you screw up?

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dood im a sophmore andits not that bad if you dont worry
just go with the flow

uh oh ho?

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