How do i take screenshots from videos?

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On a mac computer, you can just play the video, pause it, and press command shift 3 for a whole screenshot, or command shift 4 to select the area you want to screenshot. That's what I do, but as I said it's only for Macs, I'm not sure what computer you have.

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you can press "Prt Sc"

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from jet audio player you cad do that very easily !!!

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jet audo & video player !!!

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If you have Windows 7 you can use the snipping tool. I use that quite a lot, very useful when following YouTube tutorials.

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Use your computer's snipping tool. It comes in handy alot with videos ,and things like that.

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You can pause the video and use the snipping tool, or you can pause it and select the print screen button (Looks like: PrtSc, its next to F12)
The go to paint, click paste and then the picture will show up. Save it as the file type you wish it to be, and then your done :)

Hope this helped !

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neally all media players have the option built in to take a screenshot...

its called snapshot in vlc and you press shift+s

just look in the settings - hot keys of your media player :p

prt scrn is no good for taking shots of video cus you can only take 1 each time before you need to open a paint programme and paste it.

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