Why is screamo and metalcore garbage so popular?

Makes me want to crawl in a hole and tear my eyes out, then stab myself repeatedly in the ears with a rusty fork. Goddamn fads… People? Your opinions?

Answer #1

Oh. I guess it can be a question… Either way works.

Answer #2

No idea, haha, none what-so-ever. It makes me want to throw-up. Then again, I like some Glam metal bands and a lot of people think that’s g@y, but whatever. :) Some kid listed Otep on that chick’s question, and I heard one of two songs by them that were awful.

Answer #3

I think I mentioned this somewhere else. But, you may not like it. That’s cool. Nothing against it. I think it’s pretty good tho. I think some ppl listen to it because it may sometimes relate to them or somethingg.

Answer #4

Haha, chalk me up as one of the people thinking Glam Metal is g@y XP But I can relate, I’m the same with Power Metal. Y’know, it doesn’t always have to be about how dark, hardcore, brutal and kvlt you are. Sometimes I just want to listen to something about unicorns flying through rainbows =P

Answer #5

Hahaha, that’s what you ment by “pretty decent” taste? You dont like Twisted Sister(Neither do I, except on occasion), Ratt, Poison(NEVER), Skid Row? Haha I hate progressive metal, I think it’s called. Like, Children Of Bodom. Yucky!

Answer #6

I ask myself that same question a lot. Although I do think Brokencyde is decent lol even though they’ve gotten tons of bad reviews. I agree with satanheadbangstometal Otep is pretty terrible. My friend listens to them and she and her sister turned on a music video by them once and I was just thinking WTF how can they listen to that crap. I don’t understand it

Answer #7

Hahaha, I wouldn’t call CoB progressive at all. Some prog is godly. Not a huge CoB fan, but they are one of the bands that I listened to when I was getting into metal, so I give them that. I like your taste because you give all the old bands props. You just posted a Metal Church song! Old school thrash ftw!

Answer #8

Or, Five Finger Death Punch. Ugh, pukey all over! “Yeah, man 5FDP is br00tal, dood!” Idiots!

Answer #9

Yeah! I love the the old stuff, what can I say?

Answer #10

Never heard them and I don’t think I want to

Answer #11

You don’t. You, really dont.

Answer #12

Eh, way to attempt to stick up for it, I guess. You’ve got to be more assertive, though.

Answer #13

its popular b/c to most poeples surprise, there are alot of poeple out there who love it. and since it became popular, they’re not afraid to show they like it. It lets u relatte ur emotions to something.

Answer #14

It’s not a surprise that people like it at all though. Every single god damned angsty high school kid listens to it. I find most of the peoples personalities to be unbearable as well.

Answer #15

lol nice. i think the poeple that listen to mainstream music have unbearable personalities. to each there own. thats how i c it.

Answer #16

I find screamo to be practically mainstream. Anyways, thanks for answering!

Answer #17

G-g-garbage? I love screamo XD

Answer #18

You’re the only cool cat who likes screamo.

Answer #19

Haha, me too! That’s pretty much what came to my mind when I saw the words used together like that, also. Haha. Finally someone who has the same taste of music :D Haha

Answer #20

I guess not. Cuz I love it too. And there is nothing wrong with it

Answer #21

Connor, don’t take offense, the music is garbage, not you XP You probably wouldn’t be too fond of my music.

Answer #22

Probably not XD What do you listen to? OH OH OH, and I wasn’t offended :) Hence the ‘XD’ at the end.

Answer #23

Haha. A lot of metal and few other weird little doo dads. I’ll send you some sometime Connor =P Maybe I’ll just randomly surprise you with a song in your inbox every now and then.

Answer #24

Metals always nice :)

Answer #25

Dude, i’ll do the same!

Answer #26


Answer #27

Haha, sweet. I’ll have to remember this. XP I like sharing music.

Answer #28

I really DONT like it at all!!!! i will just stay in my little hole and stick with my country music :p

Answer #29

Me too, music sharing is fun.

Answer #30

No offence to you but I think I’d prefer listening to screamo over country. I hate country music

Answer #31

Because the apparently like the ears gauged out by horrible music similar to nails screeching on a wall :)

Answer #32

Because the apparently like the ears gauged out by horrible music similar to nails screeching on a wall :)

Answer #33

You thinking that it’s garbage is your opinion. I don’t know what YOU listen to, but I’m positive that there are tons of people out there that think it’s garbage. For example, I hate country music. I can’t stand to listen to it. But I like some hardcore stuff. I don’t like when an entire song is screamo, but nonetheless, it’s music whether you like it or not. Stop wasting people’s time with YOUR garbage, kay?

Answer #34

Haha, people do think my music is garbage. Big deal. I’m voicing my opinion about what I think is sh!t. It’s one of the only genres I can’t stand, the only people who seem to disagree with me are the teenage “emo” kids who listen to the sh!t and grow out of it in two years.

Answer #35

everyone has there own taste personally i like some sceamin but not when they over do it

Answer #36

Not a genre I’m particularly into either. I think when screaming is used carefully it’s amazing. Also you have to take extremely good care of your voice to be a screamer and not do yourself permanent damage. I have a huge amount of respect for screamers who put in that time and effort!

In my opinion, all forms of music are valid (weather I like them or not!). And most forms of music go through a “fad” phase in some corner of the world or another. Beethoven. Wagner. Schoenberg. The Sex Pistols. Green Day. Biffy Clyro. Daft Punk. The list goes on! Doesn’t make it terrible music! Sometimes stuff is popular because some of it is genuinely innovative - or because a band who pioneered the particular style were. I don’t know anything about screamo apart from vocal techniques, so I can’t really speak for it in relation to why it got so big.

I will say this: it makes me sad to see the words “hate” and “garbage” used in relation to any kind of music. I know no-one here has intended anyone offense at all, but I really think it’s worth being careful how you word things when it comes to this area. Especially because we’re online, your tone of voice/facial expression isn’t there to soften words “crap” and “terrible”, so sometimes what we type can seem harsher than we meant it to!

I love music - I know most of you do too, so you know what I mean when I say that my favourite songs and bands are part of me, and the music that really speaks to me is a huge part of who I am. And when I hate something…yup, that’s a part of me too. So when you use harsh words about an entire genre or band etc., without respecting the fact that that’s just your opinion, you don’t know how much you could be hurting someone, because music is just that damn personal. And people who tell you your taste is sh!t are wrong. Your taste is unique, and you never need to compromise it, hide it, or defend it if you don’t want to.

Music is such an important part of our lives that it’s wise to tread carefully, especially online. Written language is much harsher than spoken language. So what if other people don’t treat us with the same consideration? We don’t need to stoop to their level. We don’t want to fight, we just want to talk about music, right?


Answer #37

I promised you that there ARE people that think your music is garbage. There are always tons of people that think every genre is garbage. To answer your “question”..the reason it’s so popular is because it’s good to some people. Obviously a large amount. I like it. And even if i didn’t, I would have said the exact same thing I had said before up there^ Music is my life, I know everyone says that but it’s true, I try to appreciate all of it. I used to love all that Kidz Bop sh*t. Now I like hardcore music mostly. Some Alternative. A lot of people grow out of a lot of things. Oh, and the “emo” thing…my best friend is like, the farthest thing from emo and she likes screamo. She also country, so yuhh..

Answer #38

whats wrong with it? i personally love it.

Answer #39

i tried i just dont find it intresting. i love my country

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