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Hey...I Need to know if this is right. I have Science homework. Its on a cell. I am Compairing a Cell to Walmart. Is this right?
Nucleus: Boss
Cytoplasm: Air
Cell Membrane: Doors
Cell Wall: the Walls
Nuclear Membrane: Bosss' Desk/Room
Chromosomes: Blueprints of the store
Lysomes: Janitor
Golgi Bodies: Shipping Dock
Endoplasmic Reticulum: the Carts?
Ribosomes: Workers
Vacuole(s): Meat locker , Shelves
Mitochondria: Power system/Power room

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yes its right

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be nice. he/she realy needs help.

Science hmwk help! Please:)

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haha this is funny O_o

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telephone = tyrosine kinase receptor which causes signal transduction

About the customers thing above lol I dont think the person understands us at all haha

Need your help dude (and dudents)

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its pretty good but I have issues with the membrane thing! I think it would be better if the membrane was the walls including the doors because the doors are a bit like protein channels in the membrane that control entry into the cell. Maybe a cell wall could be a gate around the outside for additional protection as not all cells have cell walls. Also, are you looking at animal cells or plant cells? Because animal cells tend not to have a cell wall or vacuole, but plant cells dont have lysosomes or mitacondia so there is a bit of inconsistancy there

A few additions for you:
Door to the bosses office = nuclear pore
customers = intracellular signalling molecules (signalling to the nucleus (the boss) about how well certain products are selling and influecing his/her decision on whether more stock should be ordered or items discontinued!)
If you want to get more techinical, the entry could be a lipid raft (specialised area of membrane)

Sorry if got carried away, that was fun to think about!

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