How does heat effect matter?

im doing an assignment on properties of matter and a question is how does heat affect matter? and I quit dont understand and cant find an answer please help me!! and quickly its due soon..?

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because it,s so hot and can from in tge heat of the sun like plasma and matter will make a moist

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hmm well heat can turn a solid matter into a liquid matter by breaking down chemical bonds.


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Heat adds energy to the atoms of matter. The addition of heat can speed up chemical processes. It can allow matter to go from one state to another. (Ice - a solid - can melt to water - a liquid. Or dry ice - the solid form of carbon dioxide - can SUBLIMATE directly to it's gaseous form.)

Getting back to general effects, because the additional energy causes every thing to speed up, MOST things expand (they get less dense) when heated. (A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY important exception is ice and ice water below 4 degrees Celsius)

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oh very easy... ahmmp... heat affects matter by these ways...

first by changing new subsatances..

and so much more...\\

example.. when the tiles are installed, you may see some separating lines for grout, and wghen there is no space for grout, when it is hot days,. expect that the tiles are expanding, and after expanding, it may cause breaking of the tiles, or cracking.. thats all... thank you...

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Heat effect matter because when you heat a objesct itt can turn into solid, liquid, or gas.
The particle threry of matter says that "heating makes the particle move faster and spered farther" it can also change the three state of matter.

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