What are the schools like where you live?

So this goes out to the teens on here, not so much teh grown-ups but you can chime in as well! What exactly does your school have to offer in regards to after-school activities, groups, etc… Looking for really in-depth answers here!

Answer #1

Schools around here are absolutely horrible…they offer no “after-school” activities, and they are just…horrible. :/ Sorry if this wasn’t an in-depth answer, but it’s the truth. :/

Answer #2

That sounds as bad as my school, my school can’t even afford paper anymore, apparently we have to use ATS sheets to get work handed out. I was hoping that by some slim of chance other schools in the US would be doing better and that just maybe it was my stupid decision making process on high schools but it looks like that’s not the case.

Answer #3

Well, Im homeschooled, and I love it. My “high school” consists of two students, and any after school activities is whatever we decide to do. Obviously there arent any groups, but the school itself is good. My mom is great for when I need help with my work, and she teaches my little brother most of the day, and he is so so smart! We work all day and take an 45 minute break for lunch. Any thing else you want to know?

Answer #4

I’ve been out for almost 8 years, but i do remember highschool still and i also have a younger brother who is in 11th grade at the moment. Suprisingly for being one of the poorer states, the schools in our area were really good and offered alot of extra curriculars and classes that others didnt offer. When i was in highschool there were tons of classes and options, tons of clubs, and lots of extra curricular activities. We had a wide variety of alternative classes which i loved, my favorite was greek mythology. Now that my little brother is in highschool there seems to be even more options and they really are making classes that kids are interested in also, my brother takes a guitar class during the day at his school…i thought that was pretty neat.

Answer #5

Hmm, there are plenty of clubs at my school… not including all the sports. At my high school we have forensics, fishing, great outdoors, cooking, debate, yearbook club, sewing, parenting, bonding, art, Spanish/German/Japanese/Persian club, disney club, engineering club, anime, scrabble club… just about any other club you could think of! This year I joined a club called FEA (Future Educators of America) where we each get assigned a teacher at an elementary school and help out in the mornings. I also do cross country in the fall and soccer in the spring.

Answer #6

I think that it all depens on where it is and how they are labeled. There are good schools and bad schools, I don’t go to the best school but I give them credit for traying, my school is not the best but I know some like in Cherry creek are good so I don’t think I can label all of them. Plus I don’t think that when you try your best in school, keep yourself grounded and follow the rules it does not matter what kind of school you go to. But yeah, there good and bad, depending on the placement and also test scores and stuff like that.

Answer #7

I was kinda hoping for a personal analogy of your school – not the general conception of how a school functions… But thanks for the reality check, I think.

Answer #8

School here are progressing, which means not in good condition yet but keep improving. Some school are already in a very sophisticated condition however some are still…. well let’s imagine how students go to school without wearing shoes and no text book is available. In these school, the goal is not gaining more knowledge but merely being able to read and write. In some isolated area, students even have to take more than one hour travel on food to reach their school. I do put big hope on these students that they are going to improve their villages when they grow up.

Answer #9

O. Sorry :/ My school is perty good :) The clases are small and you get placed in clases acording how you learn, like your speed, for example, some people might take longer to do math, so they get placed in a class where they get a double class and learn the same stuff just slower and they review over it more. We don’t have after school activities dough and we don’t have history calss because they don’t have teachers to teach it, as well as sports, we don’t have much of them. But over all I think is perty good.

Answer #10

The schools over here are actually pretty cool. They recently built a big one, by joining two schools together. They offer everything you can think of, over 50 subjects for VCE, debate, cooking, sport, art, etc, clubs. I attend a private school so I’m not really open to all these experiences. My school is continuously getting re-built, the principal doesn’t even know how to speak proper English, neither do most of the teachers. The education is not at a very high standard, no one who has graduated has become something successful yet. They try to raise of level of education by teaching us a year forward. Like if your in year 8, you will be taught year 8 maths and English for a term, about 1/4 of a year and then year 9 for the rest. They also have ACE classes, which is mainly for maths, science, and English where year 8,9 and 10 maths is taught. I take regular classes, I find it difficult to start learning ahead. We don’t have much after school activities. We have sport groups, debate groups and an after school gym. We have nothing like cooking, sewing, outdoor. The canteen there is also horrible. It’s gotten kids sick countless of times. They sell expired chocolate bars and drinks and use dirty fingers to hold food. It’s really horrible. We have some strict rules too. The dumbest id say. Were not allowed to wear colored neck scarves, they don’t look good with our uniform. We are not allowed to wear make up, it’s too desperate. The boys have more access to facilities which really is not fair. They have their own ground, downstairs gym, less rules. We often have competitions like guess the teachers favorite book or who can guess the answer. Girls also have this day eevery year where they model. It’s really fun. Their are categories to choose from; traditional, casual, and formal. We also have cake stalls, out of uniform day and all to raise money for the school. More like rob us though, school fees are pretty expensive and the school has more than enough but they don’t like using it so much. They are now building an assembly hall, a new office area, a science department, a new block for classrooms. That should be good. The principal is a laugh, his speeches are hilarious. It’s really stupid that they have a principal who can barely talk English but his “no jelly on your hair, boys”, give us all a laugh. Despite it’s disadvantages, it’s better than most.

Answer #11

I like the sound of your school, sounds like something my district needs :) thanks for that!

Answer #12

Schools here are awesome. We have plenty of clubs , activities and athletics. We have F.C.C.L.A = Family, Career and Community Leaders of America , Junior Beta Club , Junir Sorority Club , Math Club , English2 Book Club , book club, All-State Chorus , Drama Club , and JROTC.

Answer #13

The school where I go to is horrible. The staff is no help at all, the food is gross we have to wear gross uniforms(and the teachers and staff are strict on it too)

Answer #14

The school over here are good then again BAD , the high school i WONT go to its to dangerous! Middle school is wayy to much drama but fun once you get to the point you dont care what anyone says! That is ripley schools , halls schools have drama but im not worried at there schools at ripley i was scared to go to the bathrooms alone because some dudes have went in there befor! so it depends on if you like drama , If you want drama ripley your still going to have drama in halls “ trust me “ but not ALOT , me? i go to a christan school wich is home schooling , its okay but im planning on going back to halls junior high! So the school around here depend on the people in them .

Answer #15

Umm, well i’m not a big fan of my high-skool. However, everyone else loves my school. We have over fifty clubs (litterally)- everything from environmental club (where last year we had a field trip and went hiking), to track, all the way to pre- med club (which is a club where you learn about cancer, etc. - it’s designed for students who want to have a medical career), all the way too a fashion club at my skool. It’s a pretty big school- though i’ve gotten used to it and don’t think it’s big. All the teachers have “extra help” after skool, and all. However, in every school- mine definetly included- you will always have your “good” teachers and even your “bad” teachers. The good thing about extra- curricular activities is that you can meet new people. However, once skool ends I usually just feel like hanging out with friend and going home :)

Answer #16

eww , i know my food usaully has hair or bugs in it =\

Answer #17

Well They Have Sports.. Theater. Pizza Parties.. PTA Meetings. Field Trips. Book Fairs. Fundraisers

Answer #18

It all depends on where you live here. In the county we have a great private and public school system. Some of our public schools are actually our richest and most well-endowed schools, in terms of sports fields and whatnot. Even my old high school got a huge renovation to the football field and we actually have artificial turf and those beautiful stadium lights…for a friggin’ high school football team. We had an insane amount of after-school activities in my alma mater. We had every sport imaginable (even golf) and we had a brand new library, a brand new computer room, a new wing of the school, a donated auditorium for the theater kids, an actual store for Student Council to sell food, etc. We had good teachers who actually got a pretty nice salary and SmartBoards (basically a computerized chalk board) for anyone who wanted them. Most of our county schools are well-funded and produce great test scores. In the city, it’s a different story. The public school system is deplorable, and not because the teachers are mean and make them do a lot of homework. For the most part, city students are part of the desegregation program and attend county schools because the schools are in such terrible condition. There’s no funding and enrollment is way down. Add that to the insanely high dropout rate and our city schools are crumbling buildings with under 50 students. Compare that to one of our public school systems that has so many students that it had to be split into North, South, West and Central, and you can see the issue. They can barely even afford school supplies in our city schools, heck they can barely even afford new windows. So they really can’t afford to have a lot of after-school clubs and sports because there’s a lack of both interest and money to buy jerseys, fields, etc. So as I said before, it depends on where you are in my city.

Answer #19

Depends. Some are for rich kids, some are for the poor kids. Others are just normal public schools. The private schools are generally very annoying to be in, you’re in a bubble. Poor kid schools (charters) are ghetto and ew. Public schools are a little bit of both. All include wild teenagers and honestly I hate all of the schools. Rich school or not, everyone is annoying…. The only upside is that you get to choose how many kids you want at your school, private has less, public school more, charter somewhere in between. I hate all of them

Answer #20

Also you get more education in some high class private schools

Answer #21

Oh one more thing, in most charter schools you get less sports and activities and such

Answer #22

my school cant afford hand soap.

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