What do I need to remember on my School Shopping list?

ok, I’m going into high school this september and I made a list of stuff I need for school, but I want to make sure I’m not forgetting anything, so from enperienced high-schoolers (or former high-schoolers): what do I need to get?

Answer #1

Hope this helps:

Three-ring binder Three-hole-punch (fits in binder) Loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks Subject dividers Blue or black ball-point pens No. 2 pencils Pencil sharpener Eraser Permanent markers Highlighters Colored pencils Personal organizer/calendar Book socks Backpack Lunch bag Calculator Combination lock Post-Its White-Out Protractor & ruler Graph paper Flash drive Flash drive case with lanyard Thesaurus Dictionary

Answer #2

as goobybrain has said if you have an orientation, they’ll tell you all the supplies you’ll need, other than that, your teachers will tell you what you need for each seperate class - it all depends on the courses you’re taking!! but here are some of the obvious:

a binder (2-4 inch) for each of you courses (it’s easier and better!) line paper grid paper (for math) dividers/seperators (for diffret terms/semesters) a lock for your locker pens (red, blue and black) white out highlighters lead pencils!! a good eraser a math kit (ruler, protractor, compass..ect) scientific calculator (it’s much better and useful than a standard one!) dictionary/theasuraus a pencil case a back pack

that’s about all!! unless some specific teachers ask you to buy some specific things! best of luck in high school =)

Answer #3

page indexer’s. I use pencils with replacable led, so one of them and some lead (like 0.7 b) a good rubber. a confortable writing pen highlighters. stupid amounts of pads! folders with section seprators… lots of polypockets (o rsilverfish dependent on what you call them) smal pocket size thesaurus/dictionary.

and thats me really! I like using pencils because I can rub out and it’s not messy, and I have a tendncy, when taking notes, to use spider (or nuclear notes) so it’s easier to rub things out and put them elsewhere…

don’t forget, if your at highschool you’ll do more maths than I do now, so a calculator, basic. if you get it too complicated you’ll get lazy doing your maths, like to ‘the power of’ etc…learning to do it WITHOUT a complex calculator is best. a small ruler…

and last but by no means least, a fab pencil case! :)

stella cottrell does an excellent year planner, and I brought a whiteboard for my wall, about125cm / 95cm, it’s been a godsend. oh yeah and stella cotrell also does an excellent book on study skills…she’s awesome!

Answer #4

thanx people, it turns out that I did forget a lot of stuff, I’ll add then to my list, thanx and keep em coming, I may still have for gotten some stuff=D

Answer #5

Bag, clippers, pens, pencil, highlighters, racer, yellow notes, note books, folders. By the way if you r in science section then you need more pens with diff colors and yellow notes. Good Luck :)

Answer #6

hey I just entered highschool too! well, I guess it just depends on what school your going t. I have four binders, one folder(w/prongs), two lead pencils, coloring pencils, paper(of course) pens, french/spanish dictionary(if taking french or spanish), basic calculator. … that’s about it. :)

Answer #7

get a good backpack thats big enough to hold all your stuff in one thats not too expensive and over the top, but practical and durable with a few different pockets and compartments (so you can hide some pads, bandaids and other necessities in there for emergencies) a good pencil case as well, to hole all your pens, calculatoe, glue, rubber, pencils, markers, ect in a folder, or a few folders for your subjects a planner/diary is good so you can keep notes on exams, tests, school activities ect comming up…you can decorate it too

Answer #8

your usual stuff: pens, pencils, scientific calculator, 5 star mead notebooks, pencil case, white out, highlighters, etc. You dont need crayons or artsy stuff.

My number one recommendation is a planner!! You cannot live without this in high school. You are going to have a much busier schedule than before. I would also check out some organization books from barnes and noble to get some good tips on how to time manage, etc.

Also, some people like having a backpack, but I think its much cooler and adult to have a nice leather messenger bag or big hobo purse to carry your stuff!

Answer #9

Hmm, I’m a sophomore, and I would recommend getting like a planner. I didn’t..and I should have. And, don’t like put your work off till the last minute. I did that also and I got behind. Pay attention, do your work on time. Have funnn(:

High school is the best. You’ll love it.

And don’t get too caught up with boys either..not worth it yet(:

I would also recommend, getting your required credits out of the way early. like Speech, health, bcis, all that so you can take more classes later that you actually want to take.

Hope it goes well.

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