Why do you think that there have been so many school shootings at schools in the US?

Answer #1

I think its because people don’t get treated the way they should and when they need help they don’t get it, so they just snap and do stupid stuff like that.

Answer #2

i kno righttt!!!

Answer #3

there’s a lack of attention in the lives of the students. they are definately not brought up properly and alot them are spoilt. people tend to care about what other people say and there’s alot of peer pressure. all this leads to anger and also whats a huge contributing factor is movies. theres alot of action etc, so children see it, and want to live it.

Answer #4

Children these days lack parental guidance. That, plus the violent video games we are selling to kids lead them to believe that they are invincible. Students have the need to control situations that they cannot handle with violence- weather it be shooting the army in a video game, or shooting the captain of the football team during third period. I think it’s disgraceful that so many young teens have been killed as a direct result of a shooting, most probably influenced by one of these insane games that they keep bringing out.

Answer #5

You are right and i feel most of the times these shootings happen only in U.S and that is strange. The lifestyle should change in U.S and parents should also be blamed in most of the cases as they don’t give proper time for their children. So, children will be on their own living as they like and get spoiled in this world quite easily. Children are exposed to tensions of life at very young age and they definitely cannot handle these tensions as their age is like that. So, all in all lifestyle has to change in U.S and children should not be let free till they are mature enough

Answer #6

its not only on the US, in South Africa, the chilren stab each other but thankfully it hasn’t got to that extreme

Answer #7

from the way i see it (i live in australia) its because over there pople are allowed to carry guns, and obviously eventually teens and kids will get guns. violence is everywere and in almost everything like videogames nd movies nowdays making the problem worse. the the worst thing is that they can buy a gun and buy bullets for it at places like wallmart, i personally find all this disgusting

Answer #8

I doubt it’s the games. While they do desensitize the us, immensely, we have the common sense not to go out and shoot people. We feel invincible regardless, teenagers and children always have, even before video games. Think of the Civil Rights movement, when hundreds of kids were arrested over and over because their parents were too afraid to. They didn’t think anything would happen to them, even though Mr. King warned them. They came back even after being attacked by dogs and high-power hoses. What were the video games they were playing back then? Pong? The shootings are an entirely different case.

Answer #9

Its not just the US, I’ve seen it happen in many other countries too. It just happen most often in the States. I think the biggest reason is simply because guns are too easy to get.

Answer #10

IDK why it seems to happen more in the US. Or maybe it doesn’t happen more here, I just pay more attention to events in the states than not.

But for school shootings as a whole, I feel its combination of things. One - a lot of parents don’t to jack** for parenting. There is not structure provided form the parents in the child’s lives. To many parents aren’t passing on proper values to their children. The parents are pushing that responsibly off on the schools. But then the parents get angry at the schools when the schools don’t teach the children the exact values that the parents want taught.
For example - a lot of parents I have come across treat sexual education as this huge taboo topic. So the parents kept pushing it off onto the schools to teach sex ed. But now none of the schools around here teach it any more because all the parents got angry that the schools where teaching their children about unsavory things. Very hypocritical on the parents part.

Secondly, I feel a lot of schools don’t do jack about bullies. Thats where I see a lot of this pent up anger students are letting put by fighting and shooting up schools is coming from. The children’s parents “don’t have time for them”. They then go to school, get bullied, then get detention when they decide to resist or retaliate against the bullies. Something there needs to change.

As for the arguments on that video game violence is causing all the shoots - that is total BS. First off, I have read several books on the issue with a lot of results point towards video game violence actually calming children down, and giving them a non-damaging outlet for their aggression. But it really comes down to parents need to talk with their children, and explain the difference between video games & cartoon violence and real life. I will tell you right now I have played a lot of violent video games, and probably spent more time playing video games then might be healthy, but I not an overly violent person. Video game violence is being used as a cop-out. If you look back through history new forms of media have always been used as cop-outs. Rock n’ Roll was destroying the nations youth. Violent movies where destroying the nations youth. Now violent video games are destroying the nations youth. Its not an issue of removing the violent video games its an issue of parents tailoring a bit what their kids play & more importantly doing some parenting.

And I feel the same way about blaming access to firearms. You can see my thoughts on it herehttp://www.funadvice.com/q/home_accidents_fire_arms_prevented. But its another cop-out. Parents aren’t teaching their children firearm safety and protocol, so lets take away all the guns instead of informing people about firearms. Lets let people being ingornat, and remove more of their rights. Sounds like a great plan!!! ./lots o sarcasm there if no one caught it….

Look you can remove the firearms, remove plastic knives from schools, pat the kids down when they walk in, run them through metal detectors but if a student really wants to harm another person its really not all that hard. It doesn’t remove the root cause. And just because students have access to weapons doesn’t mean they are going to harm someone.

For example: my senior year in high school it specifically said in the student hand book we where allowed to carry folding pocket knives as long as the blade was under 5”. There wasn’t a single stabbing that entire year. HOLY CRAP!!!. They next year enough parents bitched about it that they made it an expellable offense to carry a pocket knife to school. Someone was stabbed in the leg that year.

Sorry if I got a little ranty in places there…

Answer #11

I know it’s not the games in every case, but I do believe that they play some part in it. I’ve seen first hand, my friends 5 yr old brother playing need for speed etc and he actually got in my friends car, started it and crashed it into the fence.

Answer #12

Well from where I am, Canada, there certainly are not as many shootings as heard of in America. I feel that it is that guns are so easy to get in America, it is legal to have guns there. Even if adults/parents lock them up, kids and teens can still get to them. The causes I feel for teens or kids wanting to take these guns and bring them to school are at fault at their parents, and teachers. Oftentimes parents are busy, do not have time to give much attention to their children, or educate them enough. Bullying happens a lot at school and teachers often to not care or take it seriously, or the child does not report it. As well as this, in movies, games, and well, everywhere you see violence, it immensely desensitizes us to the fact it seems normal. It also makes it seem intriguing and thrilling, almost gives it some sort of attraction. Even with common sense it does affect us whether we are aware of it or not. All this plus being easily able to get their hands on a gun, in my opinion, is why there are more shootings in America.

Answer #13

But that’s a five year old. They don’t know better. Even Christianity sees seven as the “age of reason,” and don’t hold kids below that responsible.

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