How can I become more popular at school?

I am not so popular at school. What should I do?

Answer #1

just be yourself. most people would like you better that way anyway. the thing is people always try to impress others by being like one of their peirs. in the long run that wont work because, sooner or later you’ll end up bringing out you normal side,the real you,and they wont like that. if you havnt noticed by now when you try to be like someone else your just being a fallower when you should be a leader. why try to fit in when you can stand out. take it from me. I had to learn the hard way. now im as popular as can be and im not trying to impress anyone im just being myself and I guessim not as bad as a person I thought I was for me to be a fallower. well I have to go degrassi is on!

and remember what I said “why try so hard to fit in,when you can stand out”

Answer #2

well your lucky im even talking to you then. haha. jk, im soo not stuck up. well, all i have to say is dont be annoying. dont be too clingy because i think that gets really annoying. p.s: everyone loves a girl who can keep you laughing. :D good luck.

Answer #3

you should just be yourself and be with the people who really like you for who you are

Answer #4

LOL, when I was younger, popularity seemed like the most important thing to me, but honestly? Now that I’m 16 and more mature, people like that just make me laugh. In not even 3 years, I’m going to be out of school and all the “popular” kids will be thrown out into the real world, just as defenseless as anyone else. Just because you were popular in school isn’t going to help you get a job, afford a car or be more successful overall. The popular crowd takes work to get in and work to stay in, and who needs that extra stress? I have my best friend who I was beyond lucky to meet and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not what you call a stereo-typical “dork” , but I’m not popular. It kills me to see people worshiping the popular kids like they did something special. I refuse to treat anybody better or worse according to their social status and you’s benefit to follow my philosphy. You can’t measure your self-worth on how many friends you have, that has no relevance to who you are as a person and I’m so thankful that I finally realized that. I’m not saying all the popular kids are a bunch of great, big idiots, but a lot of them are and you should be thankful for the friends you do have. Just be yourself, don’t suck up to the popular kids and always treat everybody with respect. Most of the popular kids are jusy starving for attention and crave drama in life, and do you know what that’ll result in? Drastic measures to feed that craving and do you know what that will result in? BAD THINGS! Please listen to me! Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck, g2g, cause I can’t miss my bus to school! Lol, peace!

Answer #5

seriously b urself. people that try too hard are really annoying

Answer #6

You dont need to be someone you arnt at school but when it comes to meeting more people or befriending people join a club or sport become active in being with people new at your school and have fun!

Answer #7

why be popular when you can be popular in your own clang you dont want to be popular I was popular last year and you had to be mean to everyone and always wear make up and make sure you have your hair the right way and wear skirts a bit to high I think I regret it I looked like a right slut and you cant call them your true friends but the next year I thought why be somethink im not so I decide that I should make my own litle gang and it was cool w were the next popular girls and they were could the slut so in a way your popular but to differnent people if you get what I mean :)

Answer #8

hey all im vladik im not going to say im the most popular guy at school but what I will say that all these people are right being your self is all that it takes dont be shy your only in highschool once fell free to talk to anyone and if they wont like you too bad there are tons of people who would love someone to talk too im my self and I learned from that that everybody will love you just the way you are!

Answer #9

I Might be the most person who understands how you feel .. you want to be popular right ?? im sure your suking up to the popular kids . trying to get attention and shiit! BUT WHAT I’ve LEARND in this year is that NEVER suk up to them because they will notice and they will make you one of ther slaves or shit .. I was popular last year then I got into a huge fight with half the school I felt like a looser and that no body likes me and shit but turns out ther are lots of pple who like me and lots who dont thats life .. and God never said it would be easy its just worth living .. be yourself and trust me this help .. popularity isnt nessicarry im 110% sure popular kids are hated by most of the pple and they just want to be normal but are scared of normal life for some weird reason .. im honestlly telling you being popular is being a slut .. and once I figured out who my true frnds are I dont care bout the rest ,, bcs im having funn .. and I dont care hat pple think I just walk down the halways as if thers no one but me and my frnds (:

Answer #10

everyone says ,.. be urself. That is true but at the same time you should understand that , that may not get you necessarily popular. Being popular is mostly played by people who have some kind of beauty that everyone is chasing after,.. do you really want that ,.. okay so maybe you do but still, you can have that and still be nice at the same time. :)

Answer #11

Well… Sometimes popularity isn’t about the way you are but about the way you look. Like theres the pretty girls and they don’t have many ugly friends which is why its best to go for people who wont judge you on the way you look. But… popular girls find it annoying when you become clingy… and if you’re trying to get them to laugh but you’re not succeeding. STOP! cause they’ll probably thin you’re a freekin retard :D

Answer #12

Just be yourself and do what you do. None of it will really matter once you graduate anyway.

Answer #13

im not one of the popular kids at school but im not to one call a “nerd”. and from my side of the story… you really dont want to be in the popular group. its just a waste of time. only if they really like you for who you are. trust me I have been in the popular crowd before.I know some times you really want to be popular so you can have a lot of friends that worship you like a god or something… but stay with the right people. have fun. dont worry about friends at times!!! just be nice to everyone even if you think they are annoying,pretty soon… everyone will want to be your friend!!!

Answer #14

Be yourself and I will tell you why. Kids who try to act like the popular people get annoying and people hate them even more. I have a kid who follows me and my friends around and tries to act like he knows what we are talking about making us tell him to shutup.

Just be yourself

Answer #15

well first thing that you shouldn´t do is be mean to everybody casue that won´t make you be popular, but my parents were popular back then in chile, and makes me one to I think lol. ways to become popular maybe

  1. dress well
  2. be respectful
  3. help others
  4. ask if the need anything
  5. have a lot of great friends
  6. be confident.
  7. talk about something interesting, someplace that everyone thinks is cool and has never been to, like talk about where your going that no one has been to like that.
  8. listen to cool music that every one listens to.
  9. talk to everyone introduce your self.
  10. if someone says ```your a loser´´ infront of everyone, just say ok i´m a loser and look like it doesn´t hurt you like you don´t care, that way people think your strong. and just walk away like nothing affected you 11. have a great personality. 12. join sports, drama, teams, casue I joined to help the drama for the play at my school. 13. give good advice to people if they need help. 14. have a great smile, laugh at something funny 15. don´t look sad, look happy. smell nice and fresh, not like some one just came out of a sewer. 16. most IMPORTANTLY BE YOUR SELF, NO ONE ELSE. well thats all I can give for now, I hope this helps. if you want to ask more questions email me at if you have questions, casue i´m sorta popular at my school so, and i´ll try to answer all of your answers possibly. lol. don´t be afraid to ask me just ask away lol.
Answer #16

hey. some people are popular and some are not. being popular doesn’t make you a better person it just means that you have a large mass of idiots worshipping you for nothing. It’s all conicidential, don’t be so preoccupied with being popular. I was popular in high school. Believe me it was just because of my blonde hair and blue eyes and the fact that I have an extremely fast metabolism. Then when the senior year came and I had the whole school copying me and rushing around me I realised how stupid it all is and I stopped paying attention to it and focused on my friends and that is when I truly started to enjoy high school. You don’t want people pretending to be your friends around you, it creates negative energy. Just be yourself and hang with your friends, individuality is what is really cool and when you stop trying to be popular you’ll probably get the attention you wanted anyway. You know the less attention you pay to people, the more they want you. :)

Answer #17

the way to get popular at school is to be nice to everyone to get them to know you a little bit more than who they think you are ,like sometimes they might think your a loner or a loser or a dork but you can prove them wrong just be yourself and no one else ,at my school I am popular because im very nice and im myself ,but my friends who are way more popular always get asked out like 10 times a day by guys but thats because they draw attention to themselves and some guys like that but just because you dont get asked out or you arent the most popular doesnt mean you have to do that and just think those girls who do that in life are never gonna get anywhere except into bad things, and also a lot of the kids at my school call them really uygly names and you dont want that so most importantly be yourself and no one else and youll have no trouble on getting popular cause everyone would like you for who you are

Answer #18

all u need to do is be nice be ur self even if they

                                                                                            be rude to u be nice some day they will say sorry to u 

 if u want to ask question send me an email at   =
Answer #19

being popular in India is basically being an all rounder to b popular in Indian schools you shud excel in studies, sports, drama, debating and everything possible try and be confident, and powerful work hard in all you do.. show a “little” attitude, not too much or it’ll low you rite off track and dress well..listen to the latest music.make frendz with the popular kids and “BAM!” your popular girl!

Answer #20

being popular in India is basically being an all rounder to b popular in Indian schools you shud excel in studies, sports, drama, debating and everything possible try and be confident, and powerful work hard in all you do.. show a “little” attitude, not too much or it’ll low you rite off track and dress well..listen to the latest music.make frendz with the popular kids and “BAM!” your popular girl!

Answer #21

All you have to do to be popular at school is to just be yourself. If you be yourself you should be popular in no time. Another thing, if you make friends with the popular kids then you will be popular as well. Best of luck!

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