How many legs are on the bus?

There are 7 girls in a bus

Each girl has 7 backpacks

In each backpack, there are 7 big cats

For every big cat there are 7 little cats

Question: How many legs are there in the bus? (

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Answer #2

Right- Here’s how I calculated it

7x4=28 (number of big cats in each backpack x how many legs they each have = 28 big cats legs)

28x7=196 (Number of legs of 7 cats x number of big cats in the bag= number of all little cats legs)

196+28=224 (Big cats legs + little cats legs = all legs in each back pack)

224x7=1568 (all legs in each backpack x how many one girl has = number of legs each girl carries)

1568+2=1570 (Number of all legs in backpacks + girl’s legs = number of legs per unit)

1570x7=10, 990 (number of legs in one unit x number of units = total number of legs)

A unit refers to how many legs all up of a girl with 7 backpacks, each containing 7 cats, each cat with 7 kittens.

Then, you could maybe add on 2 more legs in the equation, if there is the addition of a bus driver. You could also add more or less, assuming there may be other passengers on the bus, or some of them may be amputees.

And Bimjob: The answer is 1, as the rhyme starts with “As I was going to St Ives”

Answer #3
  1. 8 legs in every back pack. 8 times the 7 back packs and you have 56. Add 2 legs for each girl and you have 58. 58 times 7 equals 396.
Answer #4

Assuming there were no women, men, boys, a driver, or any other parties involved, there are 10,900 legs on the bus. 7 girls=14 legs. 7 girls x 7 backpacks=49. 49 x 7 big cats=343. 343 x 4 =1372 legs. 343 big cats x 7 little cats=2401. 2401 x 4 =9604 legs. 9604+1371+14 =10,990

Answer #5

uhm the st ives is 1 (it doesnt matter about the wives or the cats, or even the man, no one said they were going!) uhm the bus one I dont get, unless its simple math…

Answer #6

lex_icon, you are right. It was “totally different” because it was what I call careless-listening riddle. (A plane crash lands dead square on the US-Canadian boarder. Where do they bury the survivors? Ans. They don’t bury survivors!)

You are a careful-listener. kudos and as always, Good Luck!!

Answer #7

cats definitely have legs… if they only had paws then they’d look like caterpillars squirming around. paws are at the end of their legs. and even if cat legs didn’t count, then there would only be 14 legs, not 16!!! 7 girls X 2 legs each.

Answer #8

A related conundrum, but totally different:

As I was going to St Ives I met a man with seven wives And every wife had seven sacks And every sack had seven cats And every cat had seven kits Kits, cats, sacks, wives How many were going to St Ives?

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Answer #10

70 duh! 7 girls 2 legs = 14; 7 big cats 4 legs = 28; 7 little cats * 4 legs = 28;; so total 14 + 28 + 28 = 70! Holla!

Answer #11

no, theres 1582 legs!!!

there’s 7 girls, 49 big cats, and 343 little cats!!

all of the girls legs= 14 —(7girls X 2legs each) big cats legs= 196 —(49cats X 4legs) little cats legs=1372 —(343 X 4)

add that up, and you get 1582 legs total!!! >:[

Answer #12

my answer: 2758

Answer #13

rubyprincess715 my answer: 2758 legs

Answer #14

10990 is the correct answer.

Answer #15

& to trhe forth power is 2401.Where do you get this stuff?

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Answer #17


I think it’s 7 to the 4th power, right?

Answer #18

Cats have legs!!! We have feet, does that mean we don’t have legs? How dumb… lol

Answer #19

10,990 legs not counting the driver. 2744 cats of various sizes and 7 girls. (2744 x 4) + (7 x 2) = 10990

Answer #20

1582, but that doesn’t include the bus driver!

Answer #21

I suck at math :( … 238?

Answer #22


Answer #23

ther are 2758 legs

Answer #24

10990 legs

Answer #25

Zero! You don’t ride ON a bus!! In it, yes, then it’s 14 if they don’t have the backpacks with them.

Answer #26


Answer #27

My answer: 10990

Answer #28


Answer #29


Answer #30

The riddle seems to say that … each girl has 7 packs and each pack has 7 big cats. That means that EACH girl has 7 x 7 big cats = 49 big cats with 49 x 7 kittens for each big cat.

Since there are 7 girls those numbers have to be increased 7-fold.

Answer #31


Answer #32

Ok your all wrong well I was wrong the first time to but w\e there’s 16 legs cats have paws not legs

Answer #33


Answer #34


Answer #35

70 legs

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