Would this be considered "scene" hair?

Would this be considered scene hair if it wasn’t curled?

And, how do I tease my hair? I haven’t quite mastered teasing it and making it look scene. Help?

Answer #1

Guys. Leave her alone. She isn’t childish or a poser for wanting scene hair. She’s just a girl who wants a different hairstyle. If you want to cut your hair into a mohawk should we start calling you a poser for wanting to change your style?

Anyway…just google it, and to tease your hair, you comb it backwards, and use a lot of hairspray.

Answer #2

HAHAAH No. you’re embarrassing. stop being a damn poser, you loser. be yourself, theres no point to striving to be something you’re so obviously not.

Answer #3

Yeah seriously now guys, what the heck. Help this girl out so she can be “scene”. Why? Cause that will make her cool, DUHH!!

Your hair is gorgeous. Why do you want to give yourself a childish label? You should just know that you are absolutely beautiful, and I would kill for your hair. Who cares if it’s not “scene”, it’s prettier than any other scene kid’s hair.. because scene kids are just plain unoriginal. Stay the way you are.

Answer #4

Well.No one seems to have actually answered you.Your hair wouldn’t be considered scene hair..even straighted.If you want your hair to look “scene” you need to get it cut to fit the style…which is really big on top and either horribly thin on bottom or nonexistant…or when you tease it, it just won’t look right. But saying you got it cut and such..[just go on photobucket or even google and search “scene hair” in pictures if you want a refrence for your local barbershop or whatever] Teasing isn’t exactly hard..just really bad for your hair so you bettered not care if it gets broken or damaged. Blowdry, straighten, and then pull up the very top layer of your hair in a clip of some sorts and tease [comb backwards] the hair near to the roots.The more you tease, obviously the more your hair sticks out.Some people also tease out random pieces on the sides.Then you take the top layer of hair and cover the teasing [which rather resembles a rats nest].Hairspray, hairspray, hairspray.Wahlah.

Answer #5

No.. I’m not calling her a poser. I was just split between her question and a person’s attitude who answered it.. The one half wondering why she wants scene hair.. and the other disappointed in the person who basically made fun of her. Besides, being punk isn’t about the music and the hairstyle, that all plays a part in it.. but it’s not what the lifestyle revolves around. It’s a way of living, thinking, etc. I don’t have a problem with people who want to change their style.. EVERYONE has done it at least once in their life, everyone has to start from somewhere, I just think it’s ridiculous when someone wants to conform because it’s apparently the “in” thing to do. That’s all. Wasn’t making fun of anyone, except for maybe the person who left that second reply because that was just immature and unnecessary.

Answer #6

Its okae…but normally its bigger, but uhm scene hair can be different. something that’ll look cool in your hair.. neon colored extensions,

Good luck,

Answer #7

big hair is what a lot of scene girls have im 13 and I am scene you cant say im not look at my photos to see

its not all about hair its aout how to dress and act funmail me if you want to ask me any questions or anything.


Answer #8

I love how people are like: stop being a poser. MOST OF US ARE FREAKING POSERS. since when was that such a negative word. We didnt come out of the womb with a certain style that you could never change. Be who you want to be. Its America. Be a prep one day, a scene kid the next, and a goth. Who cares. Dont let other people judge you or ridicule you. cause if you like all the styles and pull them all off, then obviously everyone who says crap is jealous. Shes not being poser if she decides to want a mohawk. She doesnt pop out of her mother with one.

Sweetie: be who you want to be. Wear american eagle, have a mohawk, and vans. Whatever you want. You make your own trend and style. dont fit the mold.

Answer #9

no you kinda look like a prep. but I dont know you so I cant judge you but if I were to thats what it kinda looks like!

Answer #10

So what you’re saying is–if someone changes their style, regardless if they actually ARE punk/scene/goth/whatever, he or she is a poser?

You’re an idiot.

One isn’t born a punk. You don’t come out of your mother with a mohawk listening to punk music. So if one day you realize, hey, I like this punk thing, and you decide to get a mohawk, that wouldn’t make you a poser.

Answer #11

xcherryheartx–type emo hair in the search on this site. Then look at the pics to the right. There’s a girl with pink in her hair. That’s pretty much what it is. There are a ton of styles, but you can get the gist of what it is from that picture.

Answer #12

Check out 0_koole123 profile. It’s one of many girls on here who have what you’re looking for. But your hair is pretty the way it is. Personally, I love that the “scene style.” But it’s too high maintenance for me. It looks like it would take FOREVER to style!

Answer #13

Just type in scene kid on google images.

Labels are so ridiculous. What seriously happened to originality?

Answer #14

ummm no!!! you definatly want it shorter and really choppy…shorter layers on top work best and have it angle your face with longer peices in the front…but that is just a simple example. I would recommend that find a picture of something that you like you can find a million of www.emobucket.com another suggestion is to dye your hair diffrent colors like mine is red and black and blonde right now. Also, I would cut the back shorter and try to put a product in it to make it stick up or tease it a little. But you definatly dont have to dye it…I hope that that helps

Answer #15

I thinks it is stunnig x

Answer #16

yep bbe your hair in definatly scene and I love it !! :D

ok so teasing : take a section of hair andtake an come that has very small gaps batween the brisle bits . hold the bit of hair up away from ypour head and at the roots come the hair towards your head very fast then spray with a litle hair spray and wala teasing!!!


Answer #17

ok im 11 years old and I want to be scene can I have some advice how to be scene?

Answer #18

creation, I totally think you can have straight “scene” hair, much more classy in many circumstances, and sexy.

Answer #19

No it wouldn’t. It must be choppy and have LOTS of layers..=]

look under google images for scene hair..better yet, photobucket.


Answer #20

ok, I know I’m in my 20s but what is “scene hair”???

Answer #21

acually we prob. would call her a poser but im not!!!

Answer #22

alright. you guys are stupid. Expect for a few.

You don’t want to be scene. Scene kids are want to be hardcore kids. They get their asses kicked at shows. mkay?

This is all lame.

Answer #23

^^ actually yes we would call her a poser for wanting a mohawk.. “want to-be punk anarchist!”

Answer #24

do me. lmao. jp

Answer #25

no its not scene even if straightened. you need to get it cut. click here and look through the styles http://photobucket.com/images/scene%2520hair%2520girl/ http://photobucket.com/images/emo%2520hair%2520girl/

or google “scene hair” or “emo hair”

and heres a couple vids on how to tease hair http://youtube.com/watch?v=aZ0PtX-cLfw


and http://youtube.com/watch?v=et32_xedAT8

^ That girl is frikken awesome! if you dont like any of those vids just look on youtube or some other vid site and search “tease scene hair” “tease hair” “how to emo(or scene) hair”

lasttt places like yahoo answers can help yooh a lot with getting scene hair. type in things like “scene haircut” or “scene hair help” http://answers.yahoo.com/search/search_result;_ylt=ApAQYaCwQwl8TDcBiLlmnDMjzKIX;_ylv=3?p=scene+hair&t=n-407286552_q-zD.Ojnmke6GaUr0L0vOV3gAAA%40%40&scope=&mc=&asktime=&sc=

also, all you bytches who are calling her a poser and saying scene/emo is stupid be original dont fall the trend? you can all go saying your original but your the ones just like everyone else.

to the girl who asked this question I hope your not doingthis to fit in wiith the crowd and because you want to. anyways teasing hair is hard at first, but trust me it gets easier! don’t forget hairspray and a bow clip or hello kitty clip they are stellar and uber kawaii. so are love bites and bruises check out their site http://lovebitesandbruises.com/ gud luckkk! and if you have any questions just ask! xD

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