Scary story

Do you have a scary story? If so please post it!!!

Answer #1

O.k…you asked for it,I LOVE writing stories!!!Here it is:There was this group of drunks out walking on an emtpy street one night and one of them turned and saw a BEAUTIFUL women walking behind them.He thought”Oh yeah…”The women started running towards him.He thought”Oh come here babe.”Faster,faster she ran.Now they are only a few feet apart.Out of a sudden,an axe comes out from the sky and kills the man!Right through the neck clean off.Weird huh?

Answer #2

Ok, when I was doing that candy man thing the night before halloween this year I was afterwards trying to find a costume and omg I heard something knock on the door twice I didnt know it happend because when you have double doors and you open when it puts pressure on the other one so I freaked out and screamed then got out of the room and was to afraid to turn of the light because the candyman thing.So yeah stupid but nevously scary.

Answer #3

I write scary stories/ horror and romance all the time I love to write…

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