What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

what is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

Answer #1

SAW 1, SAW 2, SAW 3, SAW 4 and obviously SAW 5 to come…

f*ck I was scared crapless.

Answer #2

o.k horror fans the doctor is in with some movies that will scare you with or with weed hahahaha!!!: 1.the exorcist the first part: no one get tired of linda blair going youre mom sucks cawk a doodling doos a must see 2:the house of a 1000 courpse rob zombie hit one out of the park with this one gory as blood can be the of course It had a sequel but i thougfht it was much better than the first one kids this one is not for you “the devils rejects” 3:Pulse will scare you to never touch a computer virus again 4:the texas chainsaw of course the new one the old is good but we made it better 5:the saw trilogy what a flick can you imagine the dreams youre kids are going to have whan you show them the saw dude laughing you can taunt them till their eight hahaha WELL THATS THE TOP FIVE OR SEVEN OR SIX WHAT EVER WATCH THESE AND CALL ME IN THE MOURNING IF YOU MAKE IT HA HA HA HA

Answer #3

Ive watched a lot of horror movies and the only one that ever scared me was Hostel. And i couldnt sleep after watching Silent Hill, but that was more because it makes you think…

Answer #4

Ive watched a lot of horror movies and the only one that ever scared me was Hostel. And i couldnt sleep after watching Silent Hill, but that was more because it makes you think…

Answer #5

Lots of people say “The Ring” is the scariest but I didn’t think it was so bad.

To me the scariest movie is “The Shining.” There is just something about the menacing Jack Nicholson character that gets under your skin.

Answer #6

i think its the hills have eys its just the way that its set out, it doesnt scare me no movie does but it makes me feel a hell lot of anxeity

Answer #7

I would have to say the ORIGINAL Texas Chainsaw Massacre it has such a realism to it . The way late 70’s films were filmed & the acting was surreal.

Answer #8

The Blair Witch Project is really creepy but you have to watch it with all the lights out and there can be no bathroom breaks!

Hostel was very intense, one of my favourites!

Jaws made you afraid to go smimming!

The Decent was amazing you will get a few jumps out that!

Cannibal Holocaust is very good but very very very sick, the animal killings were real!

Signs had a few scares and was such a good film!

Answer #9

The Shining, or Poltergeist…

I watched both of these alone, in the dark, in the middle of winter, with the wind howling outside.


The only other movie made since these, that ever came close to REALLY scaring me was “Event Horizon”

It seems like ALL modern horror movies tend to just overcompensate their lack of good plot with blood, gore and boo-scares.

Answer #10

probably that Bratz Movie…shudders my SISTER’S IDEA!!! (rocks back and forth, sucking thumb in fetal position)

Answer #11

Watch THE ENTITY with Barbara Hershey! Disturbing I agree but based on true facts, Even scarier!!

Answer #12

The Exorcist. The part where the girl’s head spins around is kind of funny, but it’s based on a true story of Anneliese Michel. She was possessed by demons supposedly. I think the fact that the movie is loosely based on her is sooo freaky.

Answer #13

The Hills Have Eyes was pretty intense

Answer #14

Event Horizon!

that was sooo scary!

Answer #15

There was a quasi-horror-thriller from the 70s called “Altered States”

That was quite a trip…

Answer #16

Silent Hill

It had me on edge through the whole thing.

Answer #17

Oh, ALIEN was pretty good too…

Answer #18

the grudge, i cant bring my self to watch the grudge2, it was a gd film tho, i love horrors!

Answer #19

The ring! So scary, I couldn’t sleep for days. I hate horror films tho! I’m a total wimp when it comes down to them

Answer #20

oh my gosh Urben legend Bloody mary was insane I almost peed my pants haha

Answer #21

hills have eyes; hands down scared me when it first came out.

Answer #22

The new halloween was pretty messed up, I enjoyed it though… crazy little kids

Answer #23

The new halloween film… : [

Answer #24

It’s funny that no movie really scares me.

Answer #25

Darkness Falls you gotta watch it!!!

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