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How can I save my money fast

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give money to someone you can really trust to keep it safe and won't spend it or give it to you until you have enough for what you want.

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what I do is normally I see something I like + just buy it, think to yourself before you buy it 'do I really need it?' or if its clothes 'would I really wear that?' + if the answers no dont buy it.

I really need to save up $500, how to save that much?

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I can't save money to save my life, but saving spare change works pretty good for me. Just saving all my change in a jar gives me about $300 a year. Not fast, but it's pretty painless.

Where to get money to save?
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emm...dont spend it lol, I dont know, do chores and jobs to make money :)

What are some ways I can save money without spending it.?

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Don't spend it. Fast.

What is the best way to save large sums of money?
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