Why do famous people get paid more than heroes?

Why do famous people get paid more then the people who save lives? Like cops, paramedics, surgeons, etc.

Answer #1

But that’s NOT the way it is. People want good public services, but are unwilling to pay higher taxes, and celebrities make they money that they do because we provide them with it. Honestly, the whole concept is easy to understand, even if it may be totally screwed up.

Answer #2

This seems to me a naive question.. Public service jobs are almost always going to be low paying, mostly because those jobs rely on taxes for their income. Surgeons, I have to point out, usually make a good amount of money. Actors and actresses, however, are working in a field that pleases the people, and that’s a high-paying corporation.. The same can be said about microsoft, nintendos, and etc. The people pleasing jobs are almost always going to be the better paying. You’re helping to pay for Julia Roberts’ salaray when you go to the theater and see one of her movies.

Answer #3

Naive? Not naive at all, its true surgeons, doctors, paramedics they make a difference in the world. Actress, Actors, Singers, etc they entertain, I would rather the people who makes a difference in the world get paid a higher salary. The world doesn’t need entertainment if singers, and others weren’t around for entertainment then I’m sure America and the rest of the countries would find something in life to do to entertain themselves

Answer #4

Well, no doubt the salaries that some athletes and entertainers pull down is excessive. Every time I go to the movies and fork out $7.50 to get in the door then I end up sitting through 15 minutes of commercials before the movie starts I think that someone is getting paid too much.

I think the biggest travesty is what CEOs make lately. In 1982 CEOs earnings averaged 42 times what their production employees made. By 2001 CEOs made 525 times as much.

At a time when most Americans face stagnent or declining wages CEOs are flying high. Of course much of the reason most Americans outlook is so bleak is because short-sighted CEOs save their corporations $billions by offshoring to avoid paying fair wages and taxes, downsizing, eliminating benefits, etc.

It would be one thing if CEOs pay was for their genius in improving profits but their pay is often sky high even when their corporations are not doing well. Even those who get fired for gross incompetance often receive golden parachute packages worth $millions.

Answer #5

heroes save peoples lives and actors and actress’s they just entertain there not saving lives are they no. most of them are just stuck up and care only about them selves no offence to anyone on this site i mean theres a few good people (actors , actoress’s) not many though or are there?

Answer #6

Okay mrsperez, you are telling me that you have never watched a movie in your entire life, but you travel from city to city findign police officers and give them millions of dollars. When you make statements like that that are so ignorant, you do not have any right to call anyone naive. Maybe you should try going to school or reading a book. Common sense could develop along the way.

Oh, and by the way, Doctors and Surgeons make millions because they overcharge for their services, and often give people many other problems. If you knew anything about the nation and the economy you would know that.

Answer #7

Actually if it is not naive, then it is just not thought out at all. It should kind of come as common sense that there are about 300 million people in the United States, and if on average every person put forth one dollar to see a movie, most of that $300 million would go to about 5 people - the producer, the director, and the 3 lead actors. But not everyone in the United States can afford to give one dollar to every one of the million police officers, and firefighters, and rescue searchers etc. Do you get my drift?

Answer #8

You have to also take into consideration that those Highly paid actors and actresses also work in many charitable events and even the ones who are so “stuck up”, (although I doubt anyone knows many famous actors/actresses here, so really there is no validity to stating any of them are selfish) they are forced to give a huge chunk of what they make either to the government or to charitable events for tax reasons. Either way, their donations to charitable events save lives, just as their money towards taxes to pay for government jobs save lives.

Answer #9

thank you kmr1793 for the respectful answer with out and attitude, I guess a job for me is to take action then so people who dream and desire to save lives can do the job at a higher paying rate then entertainers. As for the kimmi_couture gal if you arent going to treat questions with respect then I suggest you not give me advice that isnt helpful. Thank you to all of you who helped me, and by the way I’ve been to school, I’ve read books. I’m done with school and on my way to college.

Answer #10

I think it is because money/salary isn’t often the prize for those who do greatness.

Answer #11

I dont know but i agree the people that go out and save and protect should earn more its just the way it is.

Answer #12

Naive is the operative word, here, I must say. What’s stopping our nation from higher paying salaries for public service employees is the same thing that’s keeping our nation from universal healthcare. The whole of the nation does not want higher taxes. We’re willing to martyr ourselves with words, but unwilling to put our money where our mouths are. I speak collectively because if everyone wanted higher wages for firefighters and policemen, then we’d be taking action. But that’s not happening, we’re just sitting by watching them risk their lives for low wages. If they’d wanted high pay, then they would have gone into another industry, mrsperez.

Answer #13

So basically your saying that we can afford to give money to actors and actresses for the entertainment but we cant afford to give money to people who saves lives. Now that’s naive, people who pay to see movies and go to concerts should be ashamed that people out in the world are dying due to the lack or doctors and surgeons and any other things. Crimes are being committed and the guilty are still walking the streets. Whose job is more important? Think about it..

Answer #14

lol, I thought you meant superheros. that question, no idea

Answer #15

it’s a reflection of our present-day society : skewed values/priorities.

Answer #16

cuz our “hereos” get paid by the government and famous people get paid by us,when we go watch their movies or buy their cd, so yeah

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