What do you like better, satallite or cable?

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sattelite its easier to install and its cheaper

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We use satellite because its WAY cheaper, but it can be annoying when it storms to lose the signal and not have any tv to watch. Id prefer cable if it wasnt so expensive.

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Cable :]
I think cable is cheap haha

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I agree, we have satellite but I would rather have cable... but its not offered this far out of town. :(

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I like my cable, I have a nice package for everything: TV, Phone, & Internet. And we have such screwy weather around here satellite looses its connection a lot :P.

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Cable is more reliable.

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satallite - more variety of channels and much cheaper!! but as mentioned, it has it's disadvantages when it rains/snows :(

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I had cable - we got 27 channels and more than half of those were in French. It was half the price of the satellite I have now, but with satellite we have hundreds of channels, and sure, the signal goes out once in awhile, but it still doesn't go out nearly as much as the cable did - and the reception was horrible. with cable. That's in my area though.

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We've always had cable, so I suppose I'm biased :) I'll go with it..haha

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Satellite, but I prefer watching TV on my computer with my TV Tuner card. This way, I don't have to pay those dumb companies extra to get Russian, Hindi, and Japanese channels. I'm so good. :)

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how do you understand what they are saying on those foreign channels??

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Well, I was born in Moldova, so naturally my native tongue is Romanian, but most of my relatives don't live there so we all spoke Russian(yay Communist influences!) because it was a universal language. I am fluent in Russian, English and Japanese. ;) so I can read/write/talk in those three languages. As for Hindi films, I use subtitles most of the time, but I do understand some Hindi, and about 60% of Persian. ;)

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I like cable, cuz sattelite is annoying and having a HUGE dish thingy sticking out of your house is even more annoying :P

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Because I use a cable modem to connect to the internet.
I'm moving soon so I will have to check out fios.

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