Sandwich filling, any favorites?

I currently work in sandwich bar would like some new ideas and wondered what your favourites were

Answer #1

Take a handful of raw almonds or raw walnuts & process for a few minutes until very fine. Add pieces or celery, carrots, cucumbers, tomato, parsley or any other veggie you might have on hand. Process veggies for a minute or two. It is so moist you don’t have to add any mayo. Add some Sea Salt and others spices that you might desire. Spread on whole grain bread, or fill a pita or spread on a bagel. I roll this up in a large lettuce leaf/. Enjoy! Here is another. Mash 1/2 half avacado (sometimes I squeeze in a little garlic w/my garlic press). Add some Sea Salt and spread on whole grain bread adding sliced tomatoes, sprouted alfafa sprouts, sliced mushrooms, grated carrots, sliced cucumber, lettuce and whatever other crunchy veggies you have. Cut sandwich in half diagonally . Yum! and Healthy!

Answer #2

I think you have a lot more choice in the us!!!

Answer #3

I have two favorite sanwich fillings. One is classic chicken salad, and the other one may sound kind of weird, but omg it’s amazing. It’s tuna salad made the normal way and then add green hamburger relish and mix well.

Answer #4

arugula, white cheddar, alfalfa and avocado chicken salad, s&p, tomato on a toasted bagel roast beef, horseradish may, kaiser roll, cucumber, lettuce, onion ham, swiss, turkey, avoc, alfalfa, lettuce, tomato, mayo, whole wheat club Red pepper, jack cheese, basil, toasted sourdough, dijonmayo,

Answer #5

I think my favorite sandwich is chicken salad (with grapes and almonds in it) or maybe chicken breast with colby jack cheese, tons of veggies, mayo on asiago cheese bread (toasted)

Answer #6

Wow discusting guys lol. My favourite at 2 am is peanut butter and strawberry jam. Normal day time sandwiches would have to be fresh rolls with chicken and salad.

Answer #7

MY favorite? Greek goat cheese and butter grilled until golden. then add tomato and cucumber. Plain, I know, but damn its good.

Answer #8

it’s a type of mixture of two cheeses (colby and jack-I think is a type of cheddar) that is pretty common at grocery stores in the US. any medium cheddar would be lovely. or munster, gouda, havarti… all work well with chicken breast.

Answer #9

The infamous brussell sprout, peanut butter, mayo and beetroot bagel is the latest delicacy in my town Rozzer.


Answer #10

they sound yummy xx but whats colby jack cheese

Answer #11

Matter of interest, do you sell bagels?

Smoked Salmon and cream cheese with chives and black pepper sell like hotcakes up London.

Not sure how they would go down in your one horse village though Rozzer. lol May be worth giving them a try.

Also, how about a customer comment book for new sandwich ideas? Your customers would be the best people to tell you what they would buy.

I love Chicken and sage and onion stuffing sandwiches or toasted ham and onion. (I cant eat cheese)


Answer #12

Do you have hummus?

A sandwich with hummus, tomatoes, and cucumber is great.

Another good combo is hummus and kalamata olives.

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