Can you use someone else's sam's club card without them being present?

My aunt let us use hers but her and my mom look a like. but im wondering if i can go in and buy something without there being a problem

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I believe you can't. My friend tried it with her mom's card, she got told it wasn't allowed but then after a long debate with the guy at the front he let her go.

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A Sam Club's card has your picture on it. so no, u can't.

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At some stores

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U shud b able to, they never check I.D.

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That's fraud ... you can actually be brought up on charges if you get caught. Not worth it.

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Good pt :-)

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My mom does it all the time with her sister's card & has never got caught ?

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In general the worst that will happen is that they will not sell to you. The Sam's Clubs I go to never check if you are the person the on the card.

Unfortunately the Costcos I go to do check and won't sell if the cardholder isn't present.

I doubt anyone is going to be arrested for fraud for using or trying to use someone else's card.

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Which is why I said "you CAN", not "you WILL".

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