Is it safe for an artist to put pictures of their art in their album on this site or is it easily stolen?

I just want to be safe. My art is my career after all, but I do like posting it sometimes. Is it safe to do so on this site? I didnt read the terms and conditions (shame on me :P) but i do know that if you post an image on facebook then the image becomes theirs, a) does funadvice do this too, and b) will a bunch of kids steal my pics/ spread them around online if I post them?

Answer #1

I don’t think anyone would steal it, and it’s nice to see what people think of your work. :)

Answer #2

Your choice. Everyone here is original, I’m pretty sure none want to steal your work but you never know who could stumble on this site and take them. The internets become a scary place these days :/ everything has a way of being accessed to.

Answer #3

I’ve done it, I feel secure about it. You’ll be fine, hun :)

Answer #4

id put mine up..and hey at the end youll always have the original. but im sure no one will ever steal it anyways:)

Answer #5

I think it would be safer to place a logo or word on your photo so people cannot steal it if it is your own photos or artistic works. Place the logo or words in an area someone cannot crop or change the image to use on another site as their own. Unfortunately with the internet, one cannot really stop someone from stealing, but it would be nice if Funadvice could implement a system in place where people cannot copy or save the images or photos on here. Like you cannot right click and save the photo/image, this would prevent stealing.

Answer #6

Here’s the thing - Any time you put something up on a website - of any kind - you risk someone taking it for their own. However, once you do post it online - depending where - you have a date stamp proving that you are the first one who has posted it. Unfortunately, FunAdvice does not have date stamps on photos, so there’s no proof here that it’s yours. My advice, is to first, post your photos on an image hosting site that does allow for a date stamp as to when it was uploaded, add a logo or watermark (as Sam previously mentioned) and then upload it here. If, then, someone decides to steal your photos, you can take legal action against them for copyright infringement.

Answer #7

If you are worried about people swiping your artwork, water mark it.

Answer #8

If you want to promote your artwork i suggest using deviantArt. This is a place for artists and you get good feedback off them and people don’t steal your artwork

Answer #9

if it comes up on screen it can be copied.

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