Who is sad about France losing their chance at the World Cup?

And how ironic is it that the host country, South Africa, didn’t make it far enough to be in the cup either…(not a question, just something to ponder.) Like we’re supposed to be surprised that Mexico and Uruguay made it to the next step or something?

Answer #1

I think the all France people! I’m a big France fan, I love it ! http://funadvice.com/r/3k2qtt4ac8

Answer #2

Awh, me!

Answer #3

I’m not, personally. May the best players win!

Answer #4

They freaking deserved to lose, seriously. Their performance was cr@p at best, and lame at worst.

Apparently, they’re not a bad team…they just could not pull it together this time. Maybe a slice of humble pie will have them up their game and do better in the next one.

Answer #5

where did the like button go?

oh and i agree, France is beyond arrogant and they totally deserved to get knocked out in the first round. They have the talent. They just need an attitude adjustment.

Answer #6

Like = right hand side of my answer? I see it…odd :(

Ya, it’s sad really, some of the teams that had a good shot at things…just aren’t pulling it together, for various reasons.

Answer #7

On comments the like appears below the comment - on answers, it’s to the right. :) Perhaps that was why you got confused?

Answer #8

sorry, having an idi*t moment.

Answer #9

well i am very happy that they lost. becasue i want the U.S. to go all the way.

Answer #10

Look, I want the US to do well, too…but, there is NO chance unless they can seriously up their game. The level they are playing is nowhere near the other teams like Spain, Brazil and Argentina…those are the three that will go the furthest.

Answer #11

i know your right Jeremy but i still want to see them make it.

Answer #12

I’m glad they lost :D

Answer #13

Spain to win!! !!

Answer #14

=)) ! !xx-x

Answer #15

HAHAHA it was hilarioussss.. hate french when it comes to soccer. otherwise, they are ok. :P

Answer #16

wee , wee ,,, surrender ha,ha,ha

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