who here plays runescape?

who here plays runescape?? I need some help making fast money.. =P

Answer #1

I use 2 Till Got Tired of it No I Play Mineless Video Games LOLZ

Answer #2

ahh avansies in godwars, barrows, armadyl boss/bandos.

Answer #3

here I know a great website which sell RS Gold,its a realiable website, you could have a try, guy4game.com GOLD FARMING: This is the cheapest way of delivery RS gold so far,it only costs you $19.99 for 10M.This would be a good choice if you don’t mind waiting.It will take 4 hours to delivery 1M for a lvl 100 account.

Notice: This way has its weakness accordingly,your following skills will gain some experience: attack, strength, defence, hitpoint, ranged, woodcutting, fishing, mining.Please tell us the skills that you do not want to lvl up by contacting our livechat supportor or leave your requirement in order note

Answer #4

if your a noob fiish rune mysteries quest and mine rune ess if good mining lvl mine gold adamainte or rune to sell it if you have 60 woodcutting chop down yews

Answer #5

As if uyou play runescape. lol I used to for about 5 mins then got bored and went back to play World Of Warcraft whick I quick in Jan 08 but thats anther storey for another day. Now. Back to your question to make money realy fast on runescape here is what you should do:

Legally: Sell stuff to people overpriced,

    Complete the quest that lets you mine rune essance and mine it mine sh*t loads of it the give it to your bank and reform it as notes then sell it for quite a lot just hang round AT THE DOORS OF THE BANK or no-one can find you and see what every body else is selling rune ess for and make a price for your rune ess

Ilegally: ask n33bs for there account lol ask for a weapon that you will enchant or something and dont give it them back dont sell weapons to a NPC sell them to people AT THE BANK DOORS

Ways that only I am smart enough to do: Use a paid hacker (rip off though I dont use), Encryepted codes, USB hacker (to be honest this one can only be dont if you have phisical ascess to there computer, online automatic search diconary.

Also try threatening with vilonce



Answer #6

I play rs my user: kai hawatari I make money by monster hunts such as borks or barrow things if you want some tip contact me in game

Answer #7

I play runescape! my user is amber_rox67 find me in world 62 texas no I’m not from texas I just lliike that server. ik how to make fast money! I think lol

Answer #8

I used too but my computers way to slow I always had that problem with money lol

Answer #9

yes I did

Answer #10

did you get all that?

Answer #11

I have it, mine and make steel bars :) very fast cash there

Answer #12

You can spin flax or just google “money making on runescape” you can add me “quinnsmyman” =]

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