Rolex platinum watch from nigeria

I purchased a Rolex watch on e-bay for a really good price. It retails for 50K and me and this guy from nigeria made a deal for 10k. I paid him by Western Union, but the problem is he won't return my e-mails and has not sent the watch. It has been 3 weeks and the only communication since paying has been a grainy photo of some black guy bending over naked with a dirty but that the seller sent me! What do I do???

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Either this FunMail is bogus, or the offer was bogus and you bit. (I'm guessing the former.)
If the later, contact the authorities, but you won't ever see your money.
If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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never buy a rolex online ding dong.

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never I repeat NEVER send any money to nigeria through western union. I dont know what it is about the western union there but they have SOOO many scams. my boyfriend got beat for over 5,000 dollars there. and he can never see that money agian because theres nothing anybody can do.. they use fake names fake IDs everything. theres no actual way of finding them

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