robbert pattison and kids?

Omg I just saw on you tube that robert pattison didn’t like childern! He said it himself! now the video cut off right after he said those exact words pls tell me he said he was jk. I’m not obsessed with him or nethang but iam a a huge fan… but if he dosent lk children I’m not a fan anymore!!! I have 1 18month old and to think he’d sneer at him makes my heart sink… what kind of person dosent like kids? Not all kids are brats. Its one thing not to want to have any but another to just not like them what so every.

Answer #1

What do you mean not all kids are like that? Kids are by definition narcissistic. They are ruled by id… I mean its not their fault. When they’re hungry they cry. They dont care where they are, what time it is, they want to eat. They want to poop, they poop. And when I say ooze, I mean they poop, pee, and vomit, and they cannot clean up after themselves… I.e. the oozing part… That’s just the way they are. It’s not really a debatable thing. Kids have very little self control. Now, that obviously isnt their fault. Their brains havent matured at all, they havent learnt to wait, or impulse control or any such thing. But the fact that they are the center of the universe, is not something you can deny. Yes, I was a kid, I didnt ask to be born. Why my parents had kids is beyond me. In fact, I dont think my mother is too fond of kids in general. Her own she couldnt get enough of, and heaven forbid anyone say anything to this day, but other kids, not so much… Although she tends to be more tolerant than I am, I think she keeps up the hope that I will have one. And being a kid once upon a time before I learnt better doesnt mean I have to like kids. And not liking something doesnt mean it like crap. I never liked cats once upon a time. I mean I thought they were cute on occasion but I pretty much ignored them otherwise… So, who knows, I may change my mind, but it is unlikely…

Answer #2

…not all kids are like that and my kid dosent have snot leaking or ice cream on his shirt that just means that’s the momas fault not the kids …ok lol okay when you see a baby and he smiles at you if you think aww he’s cute or if you think oh god what could he want from me? …if robert chooses option b then I just don’t see myself being his fan yea I know like he cares.. but still I’m a fan of people I could relate to or be friends with.. I like kids like I’m not gons have a millon of them or want to work at a daycare are anything but to say I don’t like children… cum on… we were alll kids once would we like the older people treating us like crap? Wud ever. I mean your you that’s cool that’s for being honest I know my kid isn’t an angel and don’t expect the whole world to love him and blow kisses at him but for someone to say I don’t like kids… it just stings a lil. If you ever have kids you ll know wud I’m talkin about…

Answer #3

Wow… eunf said. I could argue alll nite but gotta go. Lol good lucky with your…stuff your just silly to me. Lol but just sayin their dependency makes them innocent and us as parents well me so special parents mold them… guess you were molded not to lk kidos.

Answer #4

I dont like kids? A lot of people I know dont like kids, so what? What is the big deal? I mean its great that you’re protective over your kid, but why on earth does everyone have to like kids? As for not all kids are brats, uhm kids are narcissistic. ALL OF THEM. The entire universe revolves around them. No, they cant help it, but that is just the way it is. They have no impulse control, want what they want when they want it, and stuff oozes out of all ends of them. Sorry, but I dont see why I have to like kids, just because it isnt pc or whatever to not like them… now I probably wouldnt sneer at a kid, but as long as I’m not being forced to deal with it, or hear it screaming while I’m in a plane or theatre, or anywhere really, I really dont care whether they’re around…

Answer #5

possibly, never had particular interactions with them…

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