Clear stuff coming out of nipple

Theres this clear stuff that is coming out of my right nipple.
what is it?
should I be worried?

thanks xx

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have you gone surfing lately? sometimes I'll go surfing, and if I wear a shirt, or a wetsuit, it'll rub on my nipples. the irritation can cause a little "discharge"...though admittedly, not very much. you're prety young...did you just start wearing a bra, maybe? if you just have something that irritated it, then you're probably okay...otherwise, I'd go get it checked out, like everybody else said.

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you should be a little bit worried
especially if its still happening
no one can really tell you what it is
only a doctor will be able to know, so you need to see a doctor
because your young this could be something more seriouse
like a disease, and might even be cancer...
im not trying to worry you, as its unlikely, but nipple discharge can be seriouse
the doctor will ask you questions like these to get an idea of what it could be
What color is the discharge?
How much discharge is there?
Does it happen in one or both breasts?
Does the discharge appear to come from one opening in your nipple or multiple openings?
Is the discharge spontaneous, or does it happen only when you squeeze your nipple?
Do you have any other signs and symptoms, such as fever, redness, pain in the breast, headaches or vision changes?
Have you recently experienced an injury to the chest?
What medications do you take?

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I agree. any discharge from the nipple needs to be investigated.

the only time you normally get discharge, or fluid is A) when you've had a baby. and B) prior to birth, a fluid call 'colustrum' can leak, but you talking late third trimester then.

again, I agree with jazlovestoskate - better to be safe and put your mind at ease. I appreciate it may feel embarrssing, but trust be health proffesionals see 'bots' all the time! and being honest will make there job, of helping you, a lot easier. don't be frightened, just book an appointment.

and dependent on the quantity and regularity of fluid leaking, see if you can retain a sample. in a sterile container if possible, sample pots are readily available froma pharmasist, although if it only a smal amount like 1ml - 4 ml, you will be unlikely to collect it in that size container, and will need to wait for the nurse or doctor to use one of there container (that we use to collect swab samples etc) which is just like a cotton bud.

let us know. we want to know you're ok!

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my doctor said that it is actually normal.but you should still get it checked out.

clear liquid coming from nipple

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