How do I get rid of hackers?

I have two seperate accounts on facebook, my original is what I been using for about a year and a half now, my other is new. Recently I just found out my other account was online, without me using it. Someone knew my pass and logged onto it. I cahnged the password and it got in again…:/ How Do I stop this from happening a 3rd time? Please Help, Thanks!

Answer #1

norton anti virus.

Answer #2

I have Antivirus and AntiSpyware, and did a scan and only found around 11 viruses.

Answer #3

well change your password and email and change your security info on facebook and dont click on any suspicious links, actually dont click on any links

Answer #4

by the way, that is 11 viruses too many.

Answer #5

I changed password and my email actually, so far nothing. Hopefully when I get back on later on, there won’t be anything suspicious. and I also don’t trust any of the links on there, just a bunch a scams and such. and yes 11 viruses are WAY too many.

Answer #6

Unfortunately even with great virus protection you can still be hacked. I had Nortons for about 5 years and never had a single problem and then got hit three times in a six months period (Once my computer completely crashed and had to be reformatted) while Nortons sat there with their little green check mark telling me my computer was safe. I downloaded Malware Bytes (its free) and it got out the virus (and saved my computer the other two times) when Nortons couldn’t.

Hackers are sly and virus protection can only do so much, you need to be constantly vigilant to attacks, don’t open emails you don’t know, don’t hit on links you are unsure of and becareful when you are on facebook or surfing the net. changing your passwords regularly is a big help.

Answer #7

you cant get rid of a real hacker…you can try to by using all sorts of methods, but if a hacker has a lock on your IP which he usually gets through by using a key logger then all you can do is format ur comp if that hacker managed to get into your computer.

as for antiv’s & stuff like that, there is always a back door to get through those programs.

unless you have some top security program monitoring your system, and ur still browsing the web, there is always a way to wind up having virus’s break through your anti virus because some sites have a keylogger on their link which was created for that exact reason, to hack into peoples computers.

your best bet is, at least being behind some sort of firewall or router so there wont be as many viruses that cant be cleaned up by doing a week to week search using spyware systems and other programs like cc cleaner to really clean up any unnec files that still might be on your comp after running your antiv & spyware programs.

my best advice to you is: if you get an email, you dont know the sender, simply delete it! if you get some sort of pop up message you dont recognize the person or nickname click on the big x button. Do not under no circumstance answer that pop up…that is how they can get a lock on your IP. Do not go into strange sites, especially p*rn sites. Hackers are all over that…unless you know sites that wont redirect you to some bs site, do not go into them.

I wish you luck.

Answer #8

malwarebytes or microsoft security essentials

Answer #9

malwarebytes or microsoft security essentials

Answer #10

malwarebytes or microsoft security essentials

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