Which is better, being rich or poor?

Think carefully, young grasshoppers.

Answer #1

They have there own benefits, most people prefer rich because they like to show off there stuff or buy unessesary things like a 500,000$ car. but the poor often have really close friends and end up having a lot of fun in there lives because instead of working they run around having fun i guess i woudn’t know :)

Answer #2

Poor. I’d assume being rich theres lots of people that are always asking you for stuff/money & are your friend for your money, plus if you want something you can just go & get it. Being poor you have work for you stuff making it a goal. :3 But in reality, they both have their pros & cons. My opinion. :o

Answer #3

I always find the less fortunate you are the more you learn to cope with that idea, and the less you need money. Money is dangerous.

Answer #4

it depends. you can be rich and live a happy, healthy life but its easy to go overboard and become a snob. where as being poor you tend to be able to get illnesses and be very hungry but you share things and are well liked.

Answer #5

In the middle. If pure rich, you can’t exactly tell if people like you for who you are or if they like you for your money. And if your poor it’s hard to live out with not much money but it does make it easier to appreciate the small things in life.

Answer #6

Rich would be better generally. You have more opportunities, dont have to stress about money, dont have to struggle, you could provide your children with their needs/wants, you can afford health insurance and any health issues that may come up, you have the opportunity to help others because of your fortune, and the list goes on. Rich is better idealy, but it all depends on how the person chooses to live their life and spend their money.

Answer #7

You’ve got to be kidding me….right? Seriously?

The rich:

  1. pay the least marginal tax rate
  2. have opportunities NONE of the other classes have
  3. have seen their purchasing power and share of the wealth of the USA skyrocket since 1970
  4. generational wealth…means your family never needs worry about anything, nor your decendants

…that’s what “rich” means. You can still do good, give to charity, create jobs, etc, etc…but, being “poor” or middle class enables you to do none of these things. And let’s not forget the coup de grace…access to power brokers, decision makers and politicians…”normal” people can’t call on them for kicks, only the rich can.

Answer #8

Both are good for different reasons. If your rich you have a lot of things but some people will only like you for your money.So you never no your true friends. Where being poor is pretty bad cause you dont have money to buy anything. But if people are your friends you know they like you for you not for anything else!

Answer #9

Rich people go overboard and become snobs???? It is their money, they are entitled to splash out on what ever they want and if they want to make friends who are within the same class as them, I don’t see the issue….. It is the people who have nothing that tend to dictate how the wealthy should live and do with their money.

Answer #10

I’ve been poor for a few years now. And I can tell you through experience that it royally sucks. Half the time your trying to catch up on bills while figuring out how your gonna feed your family. Will you be able to get gas so you can go to work, or are you going to have to hitch a ride that day. Spending Christmas and birthdays with very little to offer if anything. There are a lot of downsides to being poor. The only upside is that you earn the experience of having to figure out how to survive. I don’t think rich is all that great either however. Mind you I don’t have the experience of being rich, but there definitely some down sides to it as well. There would be more pressure to ensure that your legacy remains while being rich. You may have access to much more, but you lack the experience of really having to try and figure out how to make that next payment or meal. I for one would rather just live comfortably. You can make ends meat, but still have the challenge of something going wrong and having to fix it quick, before is compounds.

Answer #11

While the rich have opportunities that the poor don’t have, the poor have opportunities that the rich don’t. I keep thinking on a family level, but with the family wealth, never having to worry about anything…well, no. Never having to worry about money isn’t the same. There’s the worry of being robbed, which is more likely when you have more, there’s the worry of someone making a mistake with it, there’s the worry of banks cracking and no longer being able to uphold the lifestyle they’ve gotten so used to. I say the life experience, being middle to lower-class, is much more interesting. Personalities were much more varied and developed in my public school than they are in the private one I go to now. These people are much more sheltered, to the point that they can’t even understand why someone would “choose to be poor.” I can confidently and honestly tell you that that is a direct quote. She went on to elaborate that people in third-world countries should just move. Having less makes a person want to work harder, and that most definitely gives a greater sense of satisfaction.

Answer #12

Being rich would just mean having it a little easier on you, when someone is poor they tend to have it harder for like paying bills where they live and stuff like that.

Answer #13

Yes, but if they ‘splash out on whatever they want’ then it’s not very nice is it for the lower classes. Sometimes, people do go overboard but do not realise it. And sometimes people do go over-the-top telling people that they have the latest cars and 5 horses. I know it sounds mean but I know some people like that and I know that people are lucky and do not boast about it, but really, all I am saying that sometimes people go over-board with their spending where as it could go to people with needs (homeless, the poor etc)

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