Why are rich people such snobs?

Soooo many rich and famous people in this world, and hardly anyone decides to push out a hand to help those in need…. how sad…how very, very sad.

Answer #1

Because they don’t know the meaning of true values. They get everything handed to them on a plate.

Answer #2

most rich people dont get everything handed to them, they have to work for it, albeit there are just some spoiled kids who grow up rich, but i think that making such a broad assumption is faulty. I think there are some nice wealthy people, but some just cant handle the feelings of being better than common folk, but they would act like that reguardless if they were rich or not

Answer #3

Not all rich people are luckily born into a wealthy family.. Some actually work hard for their money and assuming all rich people are snobs is ignorant. If you were so happy with the way you live, then why feel the need to bag on other people who have more than you? I’m sure anyone with money to spend whenever they wanted would sooner or later feel better than everyone else.

Answer #4

I do apologise, I was refering to spoilt kids that were born into rich familys.

Answer #5

uhh is this question being misunderstood? I’m not saying that ALL rich people are snobs… but the majority are…. I think as human beings we should all try to help out others, those in need….have you not seen commercials where people in Africa and other parts of the world are SUPER skinny and have no shelter, food, love…anything???…..

we should all help out, and many people with loads of money don’t….those are the snobs who only care about themselves.

Answer #6

Load of crap….Just because people have money does not mean they are snobs…..They act the way they are because they are refined, have the stuff they want but the money they had didn’t come from thin air, their parents or grand-parents worked hard to generate the worth and the offsprings etc help maintain the worth, generating new business, investing wisely……Give these people some slack, just because they dress nice, drive flashy cars, hang out with the same crowd, does not make then any different to you or I except they have truck loads money…..Stop being so damn green eyed.

Answer #7

Ooops typo…..wealth have

Answer #8

rich people arent snobs.they earn what they have from a hard work of their entire life.but some pplz overreact and look at poor ppl as they are piece of junk… thats what the bad thing is.plz dont misunderstand me

Answer #9

The huge donations to charities come from the rich….as do endowments to colleges and hospitals….scholarships…Many of he folks from Hollywood donated time and money to Haiti…

Answer #10

it kinda depends on how much money you consider rich, but my dad makes on average $700,000 a year and our house is about 4.5 million. but my dad started all from scratch. he was a computer programer and then decided to start his own construction buisness. my parents have me buy my own car and buy anything else i want with the money i get from my job, because they want me to appreciate the things i have. i dont have anything that a average middle class teen wouldnt have besides a nice house. i go to a regular public school in a somwhat small town and no one would ever guess that my parents make the kind of money they do. also this economy is affecting everybody including the rich. of course they want to help but they have to put themselves and their families first.

Answer #11

Bravo, well said hoerle2127. You got my vote mate.

Answer #12

not all of them are. my uncle is rich, but he always puts his family before anything. his kids also know how that they arent any different than anybody else even tho they have more money. some are snobs tho.. like my bff:) haa. she is a snob but i love her:) lol…

Answer #13

Plus i know what it is like to live on the other side. we moved from a in town house to the country about 11 years ago. my dad built it and the house was maybe one step above a trailer. it had two stories but the second story was all for storage and my parents bed. the first floor had no walls except for me and my brothers room and my sisters room which were very small and didnt really have a door. it was just a thin piece of wood with hinges. we had a kitchen which was average size. and one bathroom for six people. in the winter before school me and my siblings would huddle around a little electric heater because it was so cold in the morning. we lived in that house for 8 years and just moved to the house we are living in now 3 years ago.

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