Why are all rich people so stuck up?

Why are all rich people ALL stuck up and snooty??

Answer #1

Only some rich people are stuck up. The people who are like that are just trying to show off. Don’t let them get to you. They will stop if they see that it does not bother you.

Answer #2

You’re just jealous because you’re stuck in the middle class.

the last thing I wanted that I got was a laptop for my birthday 3 months ago!!

Wow. The last time I asked for something like that, I got three monosyllabic words instead: “Get a job.”

Answer #3

wow,reading all this makes me laugh so hard. haha I know people whos parents have money.more then likely if your parents have a ton of money. they will let you get your way and have what you want. thats a fact! how many parents do you know that actually say, no you cant have that,get a job.yada yada yada… right… their parents buy them cars,their clothes,food,everything! but thats ok,bc when they let you get your way,you turn out to be just like them and snobby bc by then you’re so used to having someone do everything for you, that you dunno what to do for yourself. you become oblivious to the real world. I am 19. been working since I was 13,buying my own stuff. haha why dont ya try that. now, some celebrities that have tons of money are diff. look at walmart,lmao! they only donate about 6,000 to charity. thats it. they have tons upon tons of money! bill gates on the other hand is a very generous man! people who have tons of money, most with more money then any one even needs, should donate more to better causes and stuff then waste it! wow, a lap top 3 months ago for your b day. haha I dont even have my own computer!!! but im perfectly fine with my parents not having a lot of money bc I dont want to be a bad person who shoves everything in others faces. more money you make,more you spend or boast about it.

Answer #4

That would was great if that was all sarcastic. If not, your full of crap! Just like the person who wrote this question is. I hate stereotypes, you can never say everyone like this is like this. It never works. Don’t you hate those stupid terrorists, people that hate all Americans, because they hate Bush and our government’s policies. According to them, all americans are stuck up, snooty, greety, full of themselves, rich, love our government, want war, hate muslims, or whatever else. Which is just not true, it’s a stereotype. How can 300 million people all act the same way? Just like, how can all rich people act the same? It’s like saying every democratic has the same views and acts the same, or vise versa with republicans. People are individuals, money doesn’t determine who you are, it’s how you choose to act and present yourself. Whether your homeless without a dime and no clothing on, like a starving kid in Africa or rich like Bill Gates and all kinds of material things. How you act makes you who you are. A poor person can be just as kind, smart, and good, as any rich person can also. Whether that individual who is rich or poor chooses to act in a good way or bad way, is up to them.

Answer #5

I worked with a guy for a while who was a rich kid and his he was also an only child. So instead of getting McDonalds cheesebuger fries and drink, he got supersized plus anything he wanted from the menu. He is slao some what arrogant and snobbish, but he actually admitted to me he knows he is like that and knows this is the reason why.

Another kid, back in high school, (not a rich kid high school, lemme tell ya that much) whose add owned a mall (major mall in my city by the school) and he was rich as. Stereotypical rich kid too, first car was a year 2000 or 01 or 02 subaru wrx turbo, with rims, blow off valve, bodykit wtc. About $17/18 grand (NZ$), then got a new car a toyota supra that cost him almost $20 grand again (3 litre twin turbo). Both cars he crashed too and his rich dad just paid for it.

I think the stereotype is typically true that rich people are snobby but there is a reason behind it. The kid in high school was FAR FAR worse than the guy at my work because I think the high school kid never ever had to pay for ANYTHING whereas the first guy was treated more royally than average but does have to pay for gas etc.

Answer #6

ok thats what I hate please dont juge people by how much money they have… thats why whenevr I meet new people I never tell them that I am rich because they will automaticly juge me. but once I do tell them or if they find out by comming to my house they say they would have never guessed because I am the complete opposite of stuck up and snooty.. im not saying that all rich people arnt stuck up because yes some that I kow are but not all of them so get to know the rich person first before you go around mking comments asking why “all” rich people are stuck up


Answer #7

Umm… excuse me… my family is pretty wealthy, but we’re not stuck up. We wprked hard to get that money. And we’ve had our fair share of bad things happen to us.

Answer #8

well 1, thats not true. my parents happen to make more than 3 mill a year and we own a 3mill dollar house on the beach, but only my good friends know that we make that much and that we have that house. I still would rather go to tj max and BOB’s to get clothse and not expensive stores and I know the value of a dollar. and I only mentioned the income and the house to prove a point. So no, not all rich people are stuck up.

Answer #9

money= power

Answer #10

I met my x-husband on datingforrichpeople.com …long story short he is my X now, wish I never went on that website

Answer #11

I met my x-husband on datingforrichpeople.com …long story short he is my X now, wish I never went on that website

Answer #12

I met my x-husband on datingforrichpeople.com …long story short he is my X now, wish I never went on that website

Answer #13

Because they’re not. Just because the rich people YOU know are snooty, doesn’t mean they all are. I live in a wealthy town, and I know plenty of rich people who are VERY nice.

Answer #14

how does living in the best town in the usa have to do with anything..btw its your opinion and could end up being the worst town in the world to another person..and I know many people on the more fortunate side, like myself and can say that none of them are really snobs..theyre actually nicer

Answer #15

I dont believe that all rich people are stuck up. I think that people are like this because that was how they were raised to think, not only that its not all rich people that are stuck up. I have met tons of people from all walks of life ( lower class, middle class and “rich”) who have been stuck up. Its all on the personality of the individual. If you keep thinking this way about people because they have the money then your going to possibly miss out on something good.

Answer #16

hmm, chances are you live in LA or NY. haha im one of the spoiled rich kids in LA and usually hang out with kids like me. People with money that live in LA or NY seem to think theyre better than everyone else, probably because we are! I’ve hung out with kids that go to public school before (aka poor kids) and theyre just not the same, theyre so boring and not down for anything most likely because they cant afford to do anything. And that girl that got the laptop three months ago is probably in the middle class, not rich, middle class people are nice because they have a balance of luxury and suffering (but theyre still boring)

Answer #17

well, rich people are stuck up because they think they’re better than everyone, most of them. but like me, i hang out with rich people, like myself, so there is no prob. so just dont hang out with them

Answer #18

THEY SHOULDNT BE STUCK UP.. THATS RUDE AND HEARTLESS ((but)) im sure they worked hard to get to that point.. of being rich.. it didnt come easy im sure.. hard work!!! and many years of it.

Answer #19

Not all people who are rich are stuck up. And to those who are this may be an explanation of why:

Most people who are rich have parents whom are not home often. And in order to pay attention to their kids/make them happy, the parents get them whatever they want. In doing so they spoil their children into thinking they have everything in the world, and they couldn’t be happier. That’s where being “stuck up” comes along.

Answer #20

the reason those sleezy lazy rich snobby people are so stuck up iz b because they have money and they think since they are richer than most folks they own control and they think that whoever is poorer than they r…they can treat them like crap because they think that they have that rite…and I just wish I could take their money away from them and then treat them like they treat nonrich people and c how they like it…hahaha I love my plan!!! >D

Answer #21

You really shouldn’t stereotype. Look at Warren Buffet, the 2nd richest person in the world yet he lives a frugal and unpretencious life. By all accounts he is not snooty at all. I used to work in a very upscale area where I had CEOs and other executives as customers and I’ll admit that some do fit your stereotype but I also met plenty who didn’t. You just have to get out more.

Answer #22

My Fam Is Super Wealthy And I’m Rather Spoiled… :P But People Have Cliques, And Lots Are Based Upon Money Because Money Buys Clothes Etc. So Like The “Rich” Are Mean To The “Poor”… But It’s Not Like The “Poor” Are Ultra Nice To The “Rich”. It’s A Two Way Deal.

Answer #23

Well, you should rephrase the question to include “where you live.” AND you have to actually know EVERY wealthy individual in your city, which is unlikely. Otherwise, its a sweeping statement and incorrect.

Answer #24

HAY that’s not true I LIVE IN A TOWN OF RICH PEOPLE AND I’m ONE OF THEM. I’m not stuck up and snooty.. learn your facts.. I know I’m not the best.. and you know what I’d rather have love than money.. the only reason my family is rich is because WE WORKED for it so stop judging people there ARE PLENTY of nice people who happen to have money I mean I dont go around showing off my money I save it up for things I want like College!!! Just because my parents are rich doesn’t mean they give me money or everything I want I hardly get ANYTHING I want.. the last thing I wanted that I got was a laptop for my birthday 3 months ago!!

Answer #25

everyone is going to have a different opinion on this yes, rich people are know to be stuck up yes, I know some who really are but I also know some who arent I know people who have enough money to buy the world and are a lot nicer than others my boyfriends family has money out the butt but I would have never known it until I went to his house he never once mentioned it or bragged or anything he even preferes to hangout at my house and I’m deff not rich

Answer #26

Do you realize you are generalizing. It isnt how much money one has that makes them the way they are. You will find nice people and stuck up people in all walks of life - poor, rich, etc.

I have cousins as well as friends that are so super rich but you would never know they had any money if you met them on the street. They are so down to earth

Also to the individual who put down rich people in New York dont you think you are generalizing. I Livei in New York

Answer #27

lots of rich people around here are complete douches

but the REALLY rich people, im talking millionairs… they are generally a lot nicer from what I’ve seen .

why I dont know.

Answer #28


Answer #29

because they think their hot as sht!..haha!! but really they have everything in the world except HAPPYNESS so it makes them crabby people.

Answer #30

…how so?

Answer #31

because they have munny and think that they are the best - which iz NOT true lol x

Answer #32

You shouldnt steyrotype people, it makes you sound like a snob

Answer #33

even poor and middle class people are snobby

Answer #34

Ok im not steryotyping…I live in one of the best towns in the USA im just saying thats how EVERYONE with money here acts.

Answer #35

not really…

Answer #36

sum are but sum rnt but sum think they are betr caus they got more money and don’t want to talk to poor people.

Answer #37

not really… WHAT?

Answer #38

because they think they are better then everyone else just because they have better stuff.

Answer #39

like there all snooty here…

Answer #40

well not all rich people are are stuck up. but I think that the ones who have parents who give them everything they want, are used to getting their way. and they don’t expect anyone to change it because they have MONEY and assume that if you have money you get your way. but not all people are like that

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