Have you ever done something for revenge?

have you guys ever done anything to get back at someone for what they did to you? if so what?

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Well, lets see, theres one time in particular which I am not the proudest of. Years ago I was managing a retail store and had a couple of beautiful girls working for me. Both had shown interest in me and was not shy about it. I had a guy friend of close to 11 years come into the store and fall instantly in love with one of those gals. I did what any good friend would do, I hooked him up. Shortly after they began dating my friend became a total douche and stopped returning me or the other guys in the groups calls. Each time we did set up a time to all hang out, he blew us off. After about the 50th time and months of him being a prick, I decided to throw a little kink in his relationship. I met up with his new dating friend (almost girlfriend), knowing that she already likes me, I told her that I had some feelings for her as well and that it would be great if she gave me a shot and let me take her out one time. She took the bait and I ended up using her to get back at him. Needless to say, my conscious got the best of me and I eventually hooked them two back up and they've been together 6 years now almost. I still don't talk to that douche bag nor his girlfriend.

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