Why do people get stressed from retail?

How come people get stressed out from working in retail buisness.

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I used to work retail, and it seemed like the worst people in society came out all at once to make my day miserable.
generally retail stores are understaffed, so sometimes you may be helping 3 or 4 customers at a time, some of them may or may not be nice about that.
I learned to help people in turn and tell the others that they would have to be patient.
plus you get the shoplifters that you need to keep an eye on, and sometimes groups of shoplifters- where a few people will distract you while the others walk out with stuff.
confronting a shoplifter can be stressful as well.
and sometimes your co-workers can be pains in the rump as well.
bosses telling you things to get done, customers, co-workers- retail is an environment that equals stress.
then there are the days like after thanksgiving, the week before christmas, the week after christmas... STRESS CITY!!!

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The stress is caused by the conflict arising from acting nice and polite to customers who really need to be throttled, not coddled.
Or so I have been informed by a friend.

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I agree with stephanie987. I worked for Rite AId for a year and a half. here are some things that can cause stress: evil customers, trying to multi-task (try doing three things at once), working long hours (I had to pull a double once), and sometimes having a boss that is ALWAYS cranky. it's rough, but some people have to make a living.

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I used to work in retail man did it cause me to get nervous break downs just thought
of not being able to slap them I even got threaten

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Because the customers can be so evil and it causes so much stress because that's all you think about all day, some customers are so harsh.

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