Who are the most well known/liked/respected members of FunAdvice?

I tried to ask this the other day but put wattpad instead of FA… oopsy:) ANywho, i know coleen and imlonly are a couple of them, who else?

Answer #1

the ones with the most points :D

Answer #2

Matty, lizzie

Answer #3

Matty,Temptress,Emily,Steph :)

Answer #4

I had a feeling temptress was one, steph too:)

Answer #5

Awe, thank you! :)

Answer #6

Temtress, Renee, Mandyloo, Miguel, Colleen, Lizzie, Matty, Stefie, Rotten Sheep of Evil, that’s all I can think of right now

Answer #7

I forgot to include Imlonely sorry ;D Temptress how could you not think she was one lol shes my older sister and Steph is my Australian twin hehe ;D

Answer #8

Awe, ty ty ty ty Sis, you were already mentioned same as colleen…i stand behind that….:) ♥3

Answer #9

Welcome and I don’t stand in front of anyone, u guess all stand beside me :-)

Answer #10

Thx, imlonly:)

Answer #11

Welcome Sarah :-)

Answer #12


Answer #13

Didnt you read the top colleen & Imlonely are the first 2…without a doubt….i just added whom I was closest to:)

Answer #14

Hey…imlonely is my sis too ya know…she is the first person I say Morning to that is a no brainier..

Answer #15

Yep yep :-)

Answer #16

Basically I think they said them all xD

Answer #17

also imlonley!!

Answer #18

SandyFaithCrow is amazing… XD

Answer #19

LOL! so is sarah dont you know ;)

Answer #20

Omg how cud we all forget Sarah, I’m so sorry :-(

Answer #21

who likes andrew hall?? :) hes awesome:)

Answer #22

Yeah I like him and we forgot Lily, and Katherine Rose to

Answer #23

yeah your cool…@sandyfaithcrow lol!!

Answer #24

nobody said me…i skip alot of days though…oh well. yeah i love lily she’s cool! kat rose is awesome! :D

Answer #25

Oh well, worth a shot:)

Answer #26

Emily, Nycole and kelsii, slashdown :)

Answer #27

Aww:) if only, <3

Answer #28


Answer #29

Oh! And Twiddle muffin!! Well shes one of my favs 4 sure:)

Answer #30

ahha suree:_ I haven’t ever spoken to her!

Answer #31

Lol, I love Andrew, Lily, and Kathrine Rose :D

Answer #32

Mandyloo Miguel .

Answer #33

I <3 Miguel! My first friend on here:)

Answer #34

Everyone forgot about Janicee??? D:

Answer #35

me, chad

Answer #36

Colleen, Lizzie, Temptress, imlonely, Miguel, Aleks, Mandyloo, Rottensheep, Renee, Cassie, Stefie.

Answer #37

Ahaha lol.

Answer #38

Thanx brah! You awesome too man!

Answer #39

dont forget euan, cas, dan, sam and fairy too.

dont see much of dan and sam anymore :(

Answer #40

Oh and conner and irene although Idk where irene went:/

Answer #41

I hate you all :D

Answer #42

And imlonely

Answer #43

Stevie, Tyluh, Miguel, Colleen, Shoshana, imlonely, Matt, Monadyloo, Stefie, Janicee, Aleks, and me! Lol that’s all I can think of right now but basically I love you all! =D <3

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