Should i replant my marijuana plant?

I lost my my girl, mary jane, she died today cuz the heat was to intense and She didn't survive. She's in gods hands now but she will be reborn, now I feel that its necessary that I use the same flowering pot for the new mary jane to grow and be loved, but should I or just let her be.
But remeber kids, smokey the stoner mexican says " be cool, toke up at scholl" spread the word.

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if you use the same flowing pot she will forever live in the other mary janes shadow.......

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dude, why waste your money on buying a new flowering pot....
i like your description though :b
but if its the kinda plant i think your talking about, and it died from heat you probably shouldn't have it outside(b.c. you dont really want people to see it? and you know its to hot out for that type of plants now...), but if your using the lamps try to move the lamps back a little further away from the next plant you grow.
but yeah.....(:

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