What can I replace dish soap and laundry soap to make it so I'm greener?

Answer #1

For dish soap try Castile soap, if you want it to smell good you can add essential oils.For laundry detergent you can use Soap nuts.

Answer #2

replace with cranberry juice since it seems to kill infections and thus neutralize all bacteria and w/e else you have a problem with :3

frankly it doesnt matter, since we need detergents to clean our clothes, if we take away the chemicals then the soap wouldnt really do its job would it?

just my 2 cents… but srsly try the cranberry thing ;p

Answer #3

Where would I purchase either of those? I have never heard of them

Answer #4

Ok thx

Answer #5

You might try the natural stores in your area. They offer all kinds of alternatives to the items you’ve been buying in your local supermarket. While you’re there, check out the shampoos (although I remember my mom washing my hair with castile soap), toothpastes and other personal items which you use daily. There’s all kinds of products that are healthier for you and for our environment.

Answer #6

Castile soap is a great eco-friendly alternative to dish soap, probably one of the best you can use. It’s a natural soap made from vegetable oils.

You can either use plain castile soap (which has no scent), castile soap with added essential oils (which has a scent), or castile soap with a few drops of lemon juice (which will help cut through grease). You can find castile soap at most health food stores.

As for laundry detergent, you can just use soap flakes, washing powder, and borax. Just combine half soap flakes, one quarter washing soda, and one quarter borax… and then store it in Ziploc bags. Use about one scoop per load.

Here are a couple of articles you may find helpful:



Answer #7

You should be able to find the castile soap at most health food stores. Maybe online as well.

Answer #8

Cool thx for the links :-)

Answer #9

No problem! :-)

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