Rental housing for convicted felons?

How do you find rental housing in the phoenix area that will rent to convicted felons?

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You probably don't, just show your ashamed of what you have done and that you can be trusted.

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Thanks. The issue has come up for a friend of mine who has accepted a promotion to a new job in Phoenix. The conviction was 20 years ago. But rental agencies don't seem to take into account that he has turned his life around and is not the same young fool he used to be. I will pass on your suggestions.

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Here's the application:

Note that they require listing of ALL convictions. You are NOT automatically excluded from a REL in California, though you may have to go to court to overturn a denial. (This has been successfully done.)

It appears that if the crime involved “a relationship of trust" then you'll have a very large hurdle in getting the license.

You need to join with the group that is pushing for a restoration of rights for felons. Only you can get the existing laws changed. I (and the majority) don't have enough of a vested interest in the subject. Sure, I think a lot of felons get a bum rap. I personally think all rights without exception should be returned to the felon upon release from custody/parole/probation...but not enough to be an advocate for your cause.

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