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I am going to traval in the USA with my parents this summer. We want to rent a car. BUT I am only 20 and they hate driving. Car rental companies do not like drivers under 21. What can happen if they rent a car, but after several kilometres from the car rental company we exchange places and I start driving? Is it vey illegal?

And another question. I read that in NY 18 years is ok to rent a car. But is it ok to rent a car in NY and travel in other states?
Thank you very much for your help.

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Just call several local car rentals - they'll probably be the best to ask...Take care !!

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Not sure in NY, but there is one company in the US that rents to those under 21. (18 and up). Go here to find more:

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Thank you. I tried several companies, but they do not permit it. What the consequences may be if I drive the car which was rent by my parents? So that I have no right to drive it. IS it a fine or what?

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