Religion in school

Does anybody see the point in why we have to learn religion in school

Answer #1

I heard that 80% of the earth follow a religion not 95%. that’s a bit to high seen as though lots of modern societes are becoming athiests. I barely know anyone who is religius. I would not say 95%.

Answer #2

I don’t believe that specific religions should be part of a school curriculum (unless they are there as elective subjects), but I would definitely agree with having a subject with a much broader spectrum in this regard. Like beth_liveyourlife said, you should be taught a little bit about all religions because the knowledge will help you to empathise with/ understand those around you.

Answer #3

Jazz- I do not believe that the schools purpose by teaching religious studies is to convert everyone to believing in God. Your school- maybe but everyone I have been to have not been strict.

We are not forced to believe in anything we simply learn about others beliefs. We are all free to say exactly what we agree with and disagree with. You do not have to follow a religion to enjoy learning about them.

Answer #4

Beth, I do agree that people need to learn about ALL religions - although that being said there are so many religions out there, it would have to be an entire subject and class to teach them. That also includes teaching children about Athiesm and Satanism and Wicca - which I’m sure a lot of Christian parents would not be to happy about, but if your going to teach about one religion - you should teach about them all.

Answer #5

I go to a catholic comprehensive school (though most of the people there arnt catholic) and religion is compulsory up to A level. I think it’s really important as it gives you an understanding of why we are, how we might have got here, etc. RE is the only subject that really explores life’s biggest questions.

Answer #6

I do NOT think that religion has any place in public schools. There are so many different religious backgrounds in one school - that it’s ridiculous to be teaching about Christianity or any other religion for that matter.

Answer #7

well I can see a point in some ways. I mean religion is all around us isnt it? it effects most things, I used to think it was pointless but not now. without it we wouldnt have christmas or so many things! but in some schools you learn religion like a church school or something. x

Answer #8

I think a class in comparative religion would be great. Unlikely though since there are no questions on this subject on mandated standardized tests.

Answer #9

I think it should be an elective. After all religion is an important part of people’s lives, no reason that it cant be a purely intellectual exercise if you dont believe in it…

Answer #10

If allowed, makes one a better person and puts them on a good road / a good start in life.

Answer #11

yeah so do I to be quite honest , yeah I find it so fustrating to be learning your own religion whats the need for it

Answer #12

I think it should be an elective, but not required. If you’re in a private school though that goes through a church it could be part of the curriculum as something your parents agreed to let be taught to you.

Answer #13

well I dont think it should be discussed at all except for its historical relevance you cant deny that it does have some part in history I mean look at the holocaust you should teach about all religions even atheism though it may be short lol

Answer #14

if you think about it… 95% of the people on this planet believe in a God, and practice some sort of religion. If we didn’t study it, we would be ignoring huge part of our humanistic studies.

Answer #15

Alone in the US - this is the breakdown: According to the CIA,[6] the following is the order of religious preferences in the United States: Christian: (78.5%) Protestant (51.3%) Roman Catholic (23.9%) Mormon (1.7%) other Christian (1.6%) unaffiliated (12.1%) none (4%) other or unspecified (2.5%) Jewish (1.7%) Buddhist (0.7%) Muslim (0.6%)

World Population Percentages by Religious Group

Religious Groups monotheists 54%, reincarnationists 20%, ethno religions 10%

Monotheists Christians 33%, Muslims 21%

Reincarnationists Hindu 13%, Buddhist 6%

Ethno Religions Chinese 6.3%, tribal 4%

Non-religious groups Non-religious and agnostic 11.9%, (Which count as believing in God, just no affiliation)

anti-religious and atheist 2.3%

God Bless

Answer #16

back in primary school religion was a forced subject that we all had to learn I found that disgusting, and I still do I agree with the first person that it should be an elective but teaching it as a manditory subject is just disgustiongly wrong and all its doing its trying to convert everyone to beleive in there “god”

Answer #17

I think it should stay on the curriculum. I think people need to learn about other religions in order to understand people and there beliefs. I would find it quite ignorant on the governments behalf if religion wasn’t included on the timetable.

In R.E we learn the cultural side as well not just religious. I think this is vital as everywhere is multi culturel now. If you do not understand the religions and cultures of people living around you they will never be accepted.

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