I grew up mormon. But I never really clicked* so to say. I’ve never really felt the spirit, I don’t even know if I believe in god. I know there is something more to life, something bigger out there but I’m not sure what. The idea of a man who lived thousands of years ago, and is now up in the sky with all my ancestors is pushing it quite a bit. I’m not sure what to do. My mom wasn’t mormon for a while but other then her like my whole family is so mormon. They never miss church, they follow every commandment, everything they talk about has something to do with god and heaven. But not me, they are mad at me because I don’t go to church. And I’ve told my parents I dont believe in god and top stop trying to force me to go to church but they just say I dont know what I’m talking about. What religion am I> I don’t know what I believe? I’ve prayed, waited, for years and I’m coming up blank. Any suggestions?

Answer #1

If you say that your Mormon like myself I’m curious that if you don’t believe in the spirit or anything, maybe you could be Atheist if you don’t believe in god. I’m not saying that you are, but, it makes me wonder if you have issues that are affecting you and, maybe you feel that the church isn’t for you I don’t know. Some people fall inactive or leave the church because of reasons that maybe it’s life, or, Anti Mormon websites. I’m a convert to the church so I wouldn’t really know the reasons why you don’t feel the spirit like I did when I joined. I would recomend speaking to your Bishop or any other leader about your feelings and, maybe they’ll help you. It sounds like that you’re struggling with the gospel and, you don’t really know if the church is true. In my personal opinion, I think that the church is true and, that’s just my feeling. I guess for those who were born and raised in the church it’s hard to really feel strong about the faith am I right? I’m also, curious, have you read the Book of Mormon? If not, I would encourage you to read it if you want. I’m not forcing you but, it would be great. If you want to talk to me about this, feel free to funmail me.

Answer #2

I want to add, that your Bishop sounds very abusive and, he really doesn’t know how to fullfill his calling. I don’t mean to judge him or be offensive but, if he swears, that’s not right. I’m sure your previous Bishop was better right? I don’t know who else you could talk too but, you could speak with Young women or young men Presidents or, see if you could go through Counseling. I can tell you, I love my Branch President since he’s a very sweet man. He doesn’t swear, or abuse his wife like your Bishop. Good luck and, don’t let anyone in your family force you to do something you don’t want to do.

Answer #3

sorry to say but if you study all Religion and I kind of have thay are all falling away from what there realy is. you know what is in the missing parts of the bible. god or what ever give adom a spell book to help him in his endeavors. so the one true thing is we are all gods and deserve are power. I think that you should pick up a book called teen witch by silver ravenwolf. the power to shape my own life helpe me.

and one last thing to say what if all Religion is wronge and we all go to some hell like place. woulden’t it be fun to live when your alive

Answer #4

hello danymarie,

I hope I can shed some light on your problem. first of all. It’s perfectly normal to not want to go to church at the teen years. I was raised protestant and chose catholic myself. Let me put it this way. No religion has it right, they are all different. the actual truth I would imagine is a huge compilation of all religions. What you end up believing will take years for you to decide. You are young and shouldnt put much thought into this question, because in time the life you choose to live the friends you make and all other lifes experiences will mold and shape what you believe. Then one day you will realize hey all the things I find to be true fall into this religion or that religeon. An atheist denies completely that God does or could exist. An agnostic might not believe in God but does not deny the fact that he could exist.. that seems to me the stage you are at right now. Your parents are dissapointed because they want you to believe what they believe its a sign of rebelion to them but explain that you are not sure what you believe and do not want to go to their church because it wiould influence your own personal choice which you are not ready to pick yet.. It’s up to you and you only to decide what is right or wrong(righteous or evil) Everyone knows that murder is wrong, do you need a book or religion to tell you that, no you dont, why because you already know instintivly that it is wrong. all religions believe this except ancient religions that perform sacrifical cerimonies. wow ,im rambling on and on. im sorry well talk more later, ok bye! jamie

Answer #5

God is real, and you can feel his spirit. However, you have to want to. He will never force himself on anyone. He waits, until we are ready to reach out to him. Finding a rewarding relationship with the God of the bible, is the most important thing you can ever do, even more important that the mate that you choose.

Maybe God is waiting to reveal himself to you, outside of religion. So that you will know him apart from the exact way that your family does. He is a God of diversity, and refuses to be put in a box.

He wants a one on one relationship with his children, and he wants our whole heart.

For me, this did not come until I had done been thru several things in life, so that my heart was prepared for him.

He does not want to be in competition, for us.

He is a jealous God, and wants all our attention.

With no other gods between him and you.

No teaching outside of his own.

No religion.

This may be what he has in mind for you.

If so, you are blessed indeed.

When the time is right, and you are ready, I think you will truly find him.

If I can ever be of help, please don’t hesitate to funmail me.

God bless…

Answer #6

Is Religion prayers, most of which you do not understand but recite by rote, going to places of worship to be in the company of like minded people, undertaking pilgrimages to places you regard holy, fasting on certain days, abstinence from sex, & abstinence from consuming some kind of food or drink. Conforming to these practices, are of no consequence & does not make you a better human being. On the contrary they prevent you from thinking for yourself. Sigmund Freud, the famous psychologist, was right in holding, “When a man is freed of religion, he has a better chance to live a normal & wholesome life”. Galileo, the celebrated astronomer, said the same thing many centuries earlier. “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason & intellect has intended us to forget their use”. Abraham Lincoln put it succinctly: “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my Religion.” Albert Einstein: “The word God is for me nothing more than the expression & product of human weakness, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this.

                                 HEAD LINES OF NEWS PAPERS

Italy’s favorite saint Padre Pio faked his stigma, by using carbolic acid. Mother Teresa revealed in one of her letters, that for the last half-a-century of her life, she felt no presence of God whatsoever. She has always wondered when she saw poverty and suffering, why, if there is a God does he not intervene? “As for me, the silence & emptiness is so great that I look & do not see, listen & do not hear. The tongue moves (in prayer) but does not speak.” She compared her problems to hell & admitted that she had begun to doubt the existence of heaven & God. Sex abuse to cost church Rs 2,670 crores:- Is the largest deal of its kind, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles agrees to compensate 500 victims of sex abuse for cases of the 1940s. Where is our money & donation going to? Pak Canadian dad kills daughter for not wearing hijab:- Muhammad Parvez strangles his 16 years daughter Aqsa in their Toronto home. 200 lashes for gang rape victim:- 21-year-old to receive punishment for being alone with a man who was not her relative. The missing years of Jesus Christ:- Hollywood project highlights Jesus Christ’s travels & adventures through India. In the final analysis, everyone should make up his or her own religion, & not unquestionably conforming to the one he or she was born into. Since we do not know where we came from, belief in god as our creator is optional. But there is no justice for calling Him just or merciful, because there is little evidence of justice or mercy in our world. In earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, He takes the lives of the good & the evil, believers & nonbelievers, old & young indiscriminately. All of which we describe as God. All we can do is to teach ourselves how to live in peace with ourselves & get the best out of the faculties we have, without harming others. What happens to us after we die should not be of much concern to us. There is no evidence whatsoever of believing in heaven, hell or re-incarnation. They are man made fantasies to beguile ourselves. The noblest way to die is to donate your organs to someone who needs it, & the money saved for the funeral can be donated for a good cause. The organs that can be transplanted are the eyes, lungs, liver, pancreas, bone marrow, bone, cartilage & tendons, heart, kidneys, small intestines, fascia, skin, & veins. To do this contact the anatomy department of the nearest hospital.

Answer #7

There truly is a Creator who created our world, us and our stars, sun, and moon too.

Jesus Christ is ‘God in the flesh’. He came here to teach us about the Father’s love and to take away our sins, but first we must ask for His forgiveness then lay our sins at Him feet.

When we seek Him with our whole heart, He will be found. If we are ‘truth-seekers’ God will fill us with His peace.

If you are needing a purpose in life, if you feel mixed up and hurting, but don’t know why; it is the Holy Spirit wooing you. Allow Him to teach you.

When you get on your knees and sincerely ask Jesus into your heart; to show you the way; to help you follow Him; He will.

Mormons do not keep the 4th Commandment. The one that says we are to keep the 7th day holy. The 7th day is not Sunday; that’s the first day. Saturday is the holy rest day that God said to us; “if you love Me, keep My Commandments”

Be sincere when you pray and God will answer you. God answers all sincere prayers.

I hope and pray you will find Him before our world comes to an end…as most Christians believe, we are in the very last and final days of earth’s history. If you don’t accept Him very soon, you have chosen the other side by default. Nobody wants to go there…

Please take the time to be ‘real’ with yourself. Say to yourself “if there is a God, then I want to know for sure.” Then open your heart and your mind to allow God in.

That’s all it takes…give God a room in your heart and He will clean out the garbage replacing it with His gifts.

Answer #8

Danymarie, the elect have already been chosen. Do you hear the Lord calling your name between every heartbeat, during and between every breath, do you hear His voice singing over you, “Oh, how I love you…I love you.” We have an awesome God who is reaching out His hand all the time saying, “Follow Me” and all we have to do is reach for it. And you are right, there IS something more to life, and you are in it. Are you still breathing? Then God has a special plan for your life. There is not another “you” in this whole wide world, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, an heir to the throne of grace, a child of the living God who has paid for your sins, where all guilt has been done away with, where he has a plan to prosper you and to finish the good work that has been started in you. There is a lifehouse video/skit on youtube that can answer many questions just by watching. Just type lifehouse in google, click, and watch. It truly is an awesome skit that some teenagers perform showing above all else: mercy and grace. And go to amblessed’s profile and read his page! Also, welcome aboard this electronic messaging system that the three funadvice founders so graciously organized, just for you.

Answer #9

Sounds to me like you’re in a bit of a rut, so to speak. Many times in a persons walk of faith they will experience a “dry spell” where they don’t “feel” God close to them. Many well intentioned people will try to convince you that either there is no God or that He does exist and does care for you. I will do neither. What I can do is relate some of my own experiences for you to think on. A number of years ago I thought God was impersonal, disjointed from His creation and basically uninterested in me, having the universe to run etc. How wrong I was. God allowed certain circumstances to occur in my life that drew me close to Him in ways I never dreamed. Suffice it to say that for the amount a details it would take, this reply would be a marathon at least, so in the interest of space I’ll fore go it. Since then I have been brought through some very deep waters about my faith and whether God actually cared or answered prayers. HE does! If God is silent, not answering your prayers, it may be because He is wanting something from you. What it is only He will reveal it when the time is right. God is not vindictive or a sadist. He does not enjoy the suffering of His children. As far as the family goes, they can’t make the choices for you. Only you can make the choices. Ask them to give you space and pray for you as they should. Understand that they love you and aren’t trying to force you back in the fold. Further more, this bishop needs a stern hand himself if he thinks that manipulating his family and others from the congregation using force is going to amount to anything. He is NO man of God at all. Although men of God are to be in charge of their respective homes it’s not by the use of force. He is abusing his position and the elders need to do something about it post haste, right away. Finally, ask God to reveal Himself to you in a special way. Be attentive to His wooing. Read your bible and pray continually. Never give up on God. He does love and care for you and will show Himself to you in ways you’ll never expect.

Answer #10

Your Q is a simple and hard one to answer. Religion = a body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices. Now your religion is what ever you call it.

As for the prayers, the number one thing that stops our prayers from getting to God is the life we live. Not trying to preach but I would guess that you heard that before.

I am a none denominational preacher and if there is something I can do to help you please ask.

Answer #11

to tell you the truth I don’t believe in god there’s no proof he’s actually real and you know you don’t believe in him so basically just say you have no religion that’s me to religion is just another label that turns people against eachother it’s not important hope I helped

Answer #12

Hey, there’s no law that says you have to have a religion.

Honestly, it’s your family’s problem if they’re upset about your loss of faith. As I understand it (and I might be wrong here), LDS is inclusivist - based more on how you live than on what you believe ?

If so, then just remind them that you’re still a good person (just lie if that isn’t true ;) ).

Answer #13

like aperfectcircle said, you don’t HAVE to have a certain religon. You can just like, believe in God. You don’t have to think of him every waking moment!

Answer #14

as most Christians believe, we are in the very last and final days of earth’s history.

WRONG… only the fanatical. And EVERY generation of fanatics have thought the world would end in their time… and they were all wrong.

If you don’t accept Him very soon, you have chosen the other side by default.

Oh, that sound’s soo familiar: ‘’You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists…’’

Answer #15

You know not going to church isn’t a bad thing. many people find happiness in going to church. Nor is there anything wrong about being confused of your beliefs. The key is to leave all judgement open until you know what is good for you. When you know the answer peace will be with it. There will be no more questions ? people didn’t praise god for the existed but for the loving spirit he manfest

Answer #16

Do you like to read? Start with “John” in the New Testament where Christ reveals to us that He is the humble son of man, the Holy Son of God, here not to condemn, but to save. A religion is not something to strive for. It is a personal relationship with Jesus, who yes, still lives, and He is as close as your heart will allow. Jesus says in John 10, “I am the good shepherd, I know my sheep, and my sheep know me…they know his voice…they will never follow a stranger, for they do not recognize a stranger’s voice. I pray that your eyes, ears, and heart be receptive to His Word that will settle in fertile ground and that you will grow in Christ.

Answer #17

well only you know the answer to those questions you don’t have to fall under a certain and strict set of beliefs you set up what you believe and leave it at that it doesn’t have to have a name, or you may not even have to believe in a god, but something else look inside to see what you think is right, not what others think and if someone tells you your wrong, they’re just mad because you don’t think the same way and are afraid of differences do whats best for YOU in terms of religion, not your family because then your just thinking like everyone else instead of individually

Answer #18

You don’t have to be any specific religion. You don’t even have to have one. It’s not a rule.

Like me.. I have no religion what so ever.

I believe in Science.

Answer #19

I needed to add that when you google, type in “lifehouse everything drama”.

Answer #20

k the chick about me ^^ oh wow… see I’m not like that but my family is!

Answer #21

I cant really talk to my bishop. he is the new bishop and half the congrgation stopped going because they made him bishop. he is horrible, he is mean to his wife and kids, I’ve seen him hit both, he swears and is totally racist. I’ve told my parents this and the old bishop but they either dont believe me or say god knows what hes doing… so that option is out.

Answer #22

You have to be WILLING to get to know Him - open heart/mind - like He says in His word ‘seek’ and you ‘will’ (not might) find - when He sees you walking, the Lord will hear you talking - I accepted Christ when I was 9 - it’s definitely a growing process - where I am, this is my understanding: God being pure cannot even look upon sin - man, even in his very best state is a sinner - on judgement day, either: your sins are covered by the blood-shed sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross (salvation and only salvation - being a nice person isn’t good enough - even at our very best, we are but filthy rags), and remembered no more or they are not (your sins are not covered) - where God’s great love comes into play is, He provided a WAY (Jesus) for us not to perish and live in Heaven with Him (He certainly didn’t have to do this but did because He loved us so) - if you read carefully John 3:16, this is exactly what it says - each person will either accept or reject, you must decide for yourself and yes, it’s so important, it has eternal consequences - He Loves you and wants you to accept God’s free gift to man - Jesus - I hope you’ll attend a good praise-filled church…Take care !!

Answer #23


I understand what you’re trying to say here. you were born in the church, yes? sometimes when you’re born into it, you never really gain your own testimony. combine that with teenage rebellion and you get confused and don’t know what you believe.

my advice would be to give the whole thing a test. take “moroni’s challenge” (assuming you know what this is…if you don’t, funmail me) and either gain a testimony of it all, or don’t.

if you don’t test everything, well, then, there’s no point to going through the motions of being a member. that’s my opinion.

figure out where your heart lies.

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