Religiions that are the same but different name..

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(btw, I'm Christian so it's my God I refer to)

There were some things in the Bible (couldn't name the chapter/verse if I tried) but it said something about doing good things for whatever your cause is (I would assume religious beliefs are included), even if it doesn't have the god of the Bible at it's center, it's still doing good for Him. So, even if you don't necessarily believe in the Christian/Jewish/Islamic God (or one or the other), you're still in his favor.

I think it's because God understands that people interpret one thing in many different ways, or because, and this is the more obvious one, all of the higher powers are the same and take everything into account.

Hope I helped or at least offered another perspective :)

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okay so;
every "religion" belives in a god.
bacially every religion believe in the same god but in different ways
(weather they wanna believe it or not)

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almost all religions are alike
they almost all worship a god or godess or higher power, and have rules, most of which were borrowed from other religions

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Every religion says be good and good things will happen. I don't see what we fight about

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