Can you refuse to pay If you don't like the way your hairdresser done your hair?

Answer #1

No, that wouldn’t be fair. At all, in any situation. If that’s the case then all someone has to do is say they don’t like their haircut, put on a good facial expression and then get the cut for free. How do you expect the business to make any money?

Answer #2

I think it’s better to ask for a re-do, then pay a little more.

Answer #3

If they have to redo it, the customer shouldn’t have to pay more. That would be like paying for the number of times the hairdresser snipped a bit of hair off, or the number of times they pulled the comb through the hair. If you don’t like it, say so right there so they can fix it before you leave. Just be nice about it, or it could mean more damage rather than a fixing up :P

Answer #4

I mean if they give you an awful haircut, or they dye it green or something…like if it’s not what you ask for at all…why should you have to pay for something like that?

Answer #5

If they give that kind of bad haircuts then primarily the business wouldn’t even be providing service. The place that I go to makes you charge double if you don’t like your haircut because it has a good reputation for getting your haircut exactly how you asked it. Businesses that generally make mistakes – don’t have good reputation.

Answer #6

You may not be able to ask for a refund just because you simply don’t like it. However, I can imagine that if it was done really unprofessionally and/or really far from how you asked it to be then you can probably speak to the manager. However, I can guess that they would probably offer a free ‘fix-up’ rather than a refund. Otherwise, we could all say we don’t like our hair cuts just to get a free trim!

Answer #7

No, he he or she did their best, if you don’t like it then its time to change hairdresser.

Answer #8

Yes, you can. When I got my mohawk the first place f*cked it up, I caused such a scene that they told my dad I was all set to not pay when he walked in the door to pick me up. I was p!ssed, they couldnt wait for me to leave. If they cant do their job right and ruin your hair, not only should you not have to pay for it, they should pay you. Your hair is a huge thing, especially if youre a female. Hair is a women’s glory, ruining her hair is like destroying her self esteem.

Answer #9

Thats why hair dressers make sure that they don’t cut your hair too short, because than you can always go to the next hair dresser and get them to fix it for you. I think its disrespectful and plain ignorant to not even tip the hair dresser… Time is a value… Think of how you would feel if you were a hair dresser who only had minimum experience and you had to follow the policy? There’s no perfect, and there are no shabby hair dressers. Pretty much they all cut from the book. You can even cut your own hair. But if you spent an hour trying your best to make your client’s hair looks nice and they’re sitting there cussing and what not, yeah, you’d be a little frustrated. Its embarrassing to have such an idiot. Its yourself to blame for the hairstyle you want. Maybe you should be more specific and guide them properly… Noone can read your mind.

Answer #10

ususally yes, you can. if they gave you something you didnt ask for, or dyed it a colour you didnt want, you have every right to get your money back, same goes if they damage your hair during soemthing like a bleaching process (and it falls out or breaks off)…if its exactly what you asked for, but you just dont like it, even though its what you wanted, then it wouldnt be fair no

Answer #11

If they totaly skrew it up, ask for your money back, you can’t just not pay. Payment it part of the requirement however, many places will give u a free trip. If you get what you ask 4 but don’t like it, no you cant just not pay.

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Answer #13

If they make that kind of mistake, you’re entitled to have them fix it. Just tell them right away that it’s not what you were thinking, and be sure to be polite. Just ask nicely if you could have it changed, explain the changes, and they should comply. It’s just like if they cut your bangs, and they’re still too long, if you ask for them a bit shorter, they can’t just say, “Nope, I cut each of those hairs once already, I’m not allowed to touch them again unless you hand over another twenty bucks.”

Answer #14

Yes of course. Most hairdressers will have a money back, or re-do guarantee. But yes if you are unhappy it’s well within your rights to complain and ask for a refund/not to pay. BUt you have to have a legit reason.

Answer #15

Spoken like a true hairdresser.

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