Red Light

My husband and I just moved in to an apartment a few months ago and just a couple of weeks ago my husband has been hearing voices. I kinda blew him off thinking he was paranoid but then yesterday and to day when we came home at night there has been a red light in our living room. We have a fish tank out there and the lights were turned off both times. But when we got to our door the light disappears and the fish tank lights come back on. I haven’t seen any other light in the house that glows like that and there is nothing in that corner that has light to it.. and nothing that can be reflected off red either, the weird part to me are the lights on the tank.. If you have any information it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer #1

simple you live in a haunted house…call the ghost hunters to investigate…:)

Answer #2

you should ask again because I am very curious what it could be. and why diud yiour fish tank come back on by itsself?

Answer #3

No our neighbors weren’t home either time and there is no way it could be a car we live on a one way street we would’ve seen the car drive by. But thanks for the answer

Answer #4

maybe the red light is part of that rainbow effect you can get when light slpits ff stuff like crystal and some angles of glas etc.

Or maybe he is paranoid

Or maybe he is right…

Answer #5

Heck just get out the table salt and pour it a straight line from one side of the door to the other side, do the same thing with all the downs and doors (make sure all windows and doors are close (EXCEPT FOR THE FRONT DOOR) Now with the front door open say “I command all spirits and demons in the name of Jesus Christ to leave this house and property.” Say it in a commanding voice!!! After a few minutes you might hear, see or smell something go out the front door…then once you feel they are all gone CLOSE THE FRONT DOOR AND DO THE SAME THING WITH THE SALT…

OR Say in a commanding voice” I command all spirits and demons to leave this house, you have died and need to go to the light, I don;t want any spirits in my house and not on my property…

I told someone else who had a lot of spirits in his house to do this and it worked for him right away…It is worth a try to have a peace of mind…

I could tell you stories of ghost in my house that I lived in but it would scare you a bit…so I won’t

Hey call a minister and have them bless your house…

Answer #6

well it could be a spirit it could be some one is spying on you or you could just be hearing and seeing thing’s I would call the police to check it out

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