How to find the red coins in Super Mario 64?

I have a ? about super mario 64 DS in the last bowser I cant find the 8 red coins pls help me

Answer #1

This is cheating but whatever.


RED COIN 1: Jump straight across these platforms,watching out for the purple block. Jump on it and up to a platform with a box on it. You’ll notice the coin behind you. Turn to a side angle so you can see the purple block, then do a backwards somersault for the coin when the block is out, to limit the chance you plunge to your doom.

RED COIN 2: Just run up the wall from here, and simply pass a few Goombas and cross a spinning platform to the coin in the corner of the block. You can’t miss it. Or maybe you can, but it’s not hidden or anything.

RED COIN 3: From coin 2, run below the large plank we’ve come to know over the course of the FAQ. Now turn so Mario is facing the far edge, and turn the camera to his back. You may notice a coin to your right. (Adjacent to the line of yellow coins) CAREFULLY walk down and grab it.

Also, if you go to the far end, you can hit a switch and get a pathetically easy star. (Easier the Fire Sea’s Switch Star in my opinion) Work your way back up to the plank and go to the platform with the weird purple Bob-omb. (According to Paper Mario, that could would make him a Bob-ulk, I believe.)

RED COIN 4: Hit the switch on the other end, away from Mr. Bob-ulk. Climb these stairs to more vertical walls we must walk up. Listen for the fire, and dash once you hear it’s turned off. At the top is our coin.

RED COIN 5: Now run down the other vertical wall to a checkered platform. Watch for the piranha who somehow escaped Tiny-Huge Island. Now, you’ll see an arrow platform. Get ready for a ride. Heal, you’ll need it on the “off chance” you fall getting this coin. Change to a side view and you’ll see the coin perched atop a diamond-like platform. Jump on one of the lower, flat platforms, run up and get ready to fall. You should survive, but you’ll be a far way down. Go back up and complete the ride if you haven’t already.

RED COIN 6: It’s on the first spinny platform after your ride on the arrow platform, in plain sight.

RED COIN 7: Climb the pole on the other rotating block and kill the Goombas. More stupid purple platforms ahead…And our coin! Jump for the pole when the platform is extended far enough, then handstand on the pole for the coin. Jump off to the other purple block at the other side.

RED COIN 8: This is it! After continuing up the simple path here, go for the rotating platforms and arrange the camera so you can easily see the platforms. You’ll notice another set of platforms rotating around above the set you’re on. Jump to those and you can reach the final floor of the level. DO NOT JUMP TO THE PATH WITH THE PILLARS YET. It has a strong gust you must run against. So if you feel like you need to, lure the Goombas up there to you, then kick them to clear the path. Now RUN. Heal at the heart, too. After making it on the stairs, slowly walk off the first step, left or right. It doesn’t matter. There’s a thin path down here. The coin is cleverly hidden under the stairs.

Answer #2

I need helpp ! on course 1 lol , the bombing 1 I have fond all coins but 1 , I’ve looked every where ?

Answer #3

I dont know but in my DS Lite there is no poles up there…its weirdd

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