What do you recommend learning first:piano or guitar?

Well I have way too much free time and I’ve been listening to alot of music and now have the urge to learn to play one of the two(so atleast I’ll be doing something productive with my time you know).

Answer #1

Two completely different instruments - what you learn first has absolutely no relevance, whatsoever.

Answer #2

I learned piano first, but its not really relevant now that Im learning guitar. The only thing was I knew some musical terms and stuff, but it didnt really matter. Which do you want to learn more?

Answer #3

I worded it wrong I guess because I have free time NOW but I’m gunna have basketball games soon, weekends full of conditioning=/, etc. so I’m askin which one would be better to learn because I might not have time to learn the other.

Answer #4

Well, whichever one you want. Im really loving the guitar, and its not too hard. I dont think either one is “better” to learn, its whatever you want. Personally, I would learn the guitar

Answer #5

Piano is easier to learn and you could play it at your own pace. Guitar is a little bit more difficult because it takes a while to get used to it properly. But then again it’s all upto you. Which one do you feel more happy with? You can do many things with a guitar once you know how to play it . If you choose to buy the piano I suggest you get a keyboard because it has more features, you could do more things with it and it’s cheaper. If your up for a challenge I say the guitar but if you want to be more laid back, go with piano.

Answer #6

I love both of these musical instruments and especially Guitar is simply superb, I have also taken some classes in learning Guitar and though it is tougher, if you are really interesting in learning, you will grasp it fast for sure. Even piano is also good and you can learn these instruments at any time and there is nothing like learning first or second for sure

Answer #7

I thought piano made guitar easier. I could always tune the guitar on my own because of it, and I could always tell when I was doing something wrong with my fingers because the sound would be off. Plus, I learned rhythm on piano, and I could easily learn the scales as a result of reading sheet music on piano first.

Answer #8

First you need to understand that neither of these instruments (nor ANY instrument) is ‘easy’. Yes, anybody can hit a key on the piano, anybody can strum a guitar. But does that really mean that they are REALLY playing it? No way. To actually play the piano, takes a lot of effort and dedication. My mother is a pianist and she plays about 6 hours a day- just practicing and keeping her repertoire up. The piano and the guitar both have pros and cons, they are both string instruments (the sound is made with strings) so they both have to be tuned and restrung (though the piano rarely has to be restrung) The guitar is a bit more user friendly as you can tune it yourself, and it is small (well smaller than a piano) so you can take it places with you, and store it easily. A piano is quite big, hard to move, and you can’t tune it yourself- you have to find a tuner (which are quite hard to come across these days) and pay him 4 times a year (every turn of seasons) to tune the piano, otherwise it goes out of tune easily and no matter what anyone says you can not play on a piano that is out of tune. Because of my mother being so musical, I have had the chance to learn and play any instrument I wanted. Our house is full of guitars, drum kits, violas, violins, african percussion, flutes, keyboards and pianos (btw: a keyboard and a piano are DIFFERENT instruments. They are as different as drums and guitar, so if you do decide to do the piano, do not buy a keyboard to practice on, buy a PIANO). Which brings me to my next point- PRACTICE! You must practice. There is no way around it. In order to advance at anything you have to practice. You are not going to walk away from your first lesson a pro musician. There is hours of hard work working on the exact right notes and how you are playing the notes. Theory also comes into play, more so in piano but yes in guitar too. This is your decision, but I would probably recommend the guitar- just because it’s cheaper, easier to move around and take with you, and easy to sell if you decide you don’t like it.

Answer #9

I would say piano, once you learn that good and you know all the notes, and you will know what they sound like when you play them on the guitar.

Answer #10

I play the piano and I think it is easier to learn than the guitar in some ways because I’ve tried the guitar as well and the position of your hands is quite hard to get used to especially if you have small hands….piano is more logical with regards to actually seeing what you doing I think….start with the piano:)

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