Am I smart enough to get into college?

OK, I dont have the best grades. I am always atleast an average student though. I am a senior in highschool and I am really worried about college. My english grades are ok but my math is absolutley AWFUL. I have been tutored and I’ve studied and stayed after class to get help…I dont know what I am going to do. I am very interested in photography so I was hoping to do something in this area. like maybe open up a studio someday after I work my way up, I live in a city where there is a community college. I will def. be able to get into this college for two years then hopefully be able to transfer into a University. It has Always always been my dream to attend this college. both my mom and dad went there. I just have to get in. I am clueless on how this works so is there anyone out there who could tell me if its possible for me here is my grades so far as a senior in highschool( the first 1/2 of our first nine weeks of school this year) My SAT score was - 1380 but at the end of this month im taking it again English(Vocab/LIt/Grammar) - 82 Bible- 92 Math(consumer)- 72 my math grades werent high enough to take chemistry or calculus so I will be taking them in college…:( General science-85 Home Ec(elective)-99 I am not athletic enough to get a scholarship which is another bad thing for me. I have been on the varsity basketball team once as a sophmore and onece on the softball team my jr. year. The school I attend has something against me, its a fact by the way. They wont ever let me be on the teams so I dont get a chance to shine at all. When I was a kid up to about a sophmore in highschool I played on leagues away from school, I played soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball and baseball. I could be really good but nobody will ever know because I dont have a chance to play.Just please tell me if I have a chance. am I even smart enough to get into college? And not just a community college?

Answer #1

well you shouldve taken more classes or electives that would benefit you in college, such as a college prep class, sat prep class, or another science or math. im a junior and I have 7 classes (6 is the standard). this year im taking ap english lang, ap va/us history, precalculus, chemisrty, astronomy, span. II, & culinary arts I&II. taking these challenging classes shows colleges that you are determined to make the best out of yourself and not taking the easy way out of high schools. you dont want to take the classes that you know you are going to pass because it is you senior year. I suggest taking a summer prep class or maybe precalculus to prepare for calculus if you havnt taken it yet. this will deff. help when you get to college. also if you can take chemistry. chem is hard as it is but adv. chem (ap or college chem) is very difficult and you need to know your basics. to help with math get together with your peers and ask them for help. if anybody would understand it would be them. and also if you dont understand something in class, ASK!!! dont sit there and be like “WHA?!?!?!” then go home and not know what you are doing. colleges love a determined student and if you show that you are determined to make the best out of yourself then you will get into that college that you want to get into.

scincerly, random VA high school junior

Answer #2

Getting into college is a confusing time, but don’t worry you’re not alone. Community colleges are a great place to start your education. As far as I know, anyone can get into a community college as long as you have the required money. Being in sports is an excellent extracurricular that will help you (it doesn’t really matter if it was connected to your high school or not, just that you did it). Join a sport in college. Talk to a counselor about what type of degree you want. There are 2 year degrees (Associates), 4 year degrees (Bachelor’s of Arts or Science), and then masters and doctorates. Dream big about what you want to do after college, having a goal in mind is infinitely helpful. But if you aren’t sure don’t let it discourage you. Just remember we dream because dreams come true and you’re unique and have everything it takes to make it come true.

Don’t worry if you’re not in a whole bunch of college AP classes already, the important thing is being serious about becoming a college educated adult. Pressures can be pretty daunting, but just don’t forget you’re going to college so you can be educated and be a professional. You’ll make it!!!

Answer #3

Well, college is where you get smart; you’re not expected to be a genius to get in, just prepared enough to know how to work. Do you know how to work?? Can you stick with a task until it is finished?? Do you like to have fun while you’re doing it?
If you answered “yes” to all three, then you are ready for college. >b. (I have an M.A, by the way)

Answer #4

anyone can go to college if they set there mind to it and belive in them self. you can always go to a community college then a more prestijus college. good luck

Answer #5

This stuff is really helpful for me to. Im a Junior and I have been so worried about college. Its hard for me to think about it, because I worry about my grades, im around the middle. Math 80. Science 90. Art 100. Religion 80. History 81. Spanish 72 >.<. I know people say this is good, but I’ve been absent from school a lot these past years, I got pnemonia sophmore year, and they suspened me for a few weeks to because I couldnt pay tuition, and then my junior year I missed the first 3 weeks of school, and they kicked me out another week because of tuition again. I want to major in Japanese Language, but its very hard for me to find a college that have that coarse, I dont know how to find them. Plus, im not to good in spanish, but really I dont care about the spanish language, it dont excite me at all, unlike Japenese and asian languages, and their society. Do anyone know where I can find a good college with a Japenese Coarse

Answer #6

Your SAT… out of 1600? Not bad at all. I think you need at least chemistry if you want to transfer to any decent four-year university though.

You know, I always dream of turning back the time and spend my first two years at a community college instead of a four-year university. You could get the same kind of education for a much cheaper price. Even if your goal is to study photography, you still need to take some general education classes. Get them over with at the community college, and then transfer to a four-year university to study what you want. You’ll finish on time. It’s usually easier to transfer from a community college than to go there straight from high school anyway.

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