really good/scary horror films?? [nothing cheesy please]


can yall tell me some really good and really scary horror movies..past or present.

I’ve seen a lot of horror movies & am a big fan of the genre.sadly of late my watching has fell into a slump and is lacking the good scare I long for.

I only ask that you not post some stupid cheesy horror flick on here,I hate those.


Answer #1

I wanna see Shutter SOOO bad!

Answer #2

Fave Scary Movies: •Silent Hill •Blair witch Project •Amityville Horror •Zodiac •Texas Chainsaw Massacre •28 Days later •30 Days of night •Children of the Corn •Carrie •Bloody Mary •When a Stranger Calls

Answer #3

Fave Scary Movies: •Silent Hill •Blair witch Project •Amityville Horror •Zodiac •Texas Chainsaw Massacre •28 Days later •30 Days of night •Children of the Corn •Carrie •Bloody Mary •When a Stranger Calls

Answer #4

ill agree versacequeen,was not good at all..looked like a low budget weekend prank done by some kids to take back scare the Sh*t outta there dormmates.

Answer #5

I’m going to suggest a different approach than the others so far. If you’re starting to get a little jaded on American horror (and I think we can all agree that gross-out fare like Saw and Texas Chainsaw and Jeepers Creepers just barely qualify as horror, dealing more in exploiting squeamishness than in developing any real fear), try some J-horror on for size.

Horror films from Japan deal much more in nurturing true psychological fear than in simply splashing images of rending flesh and spattering blood. Any filmmaker can show you zombies tearing a person to pieces, and chances are, you’ll forget about it as soon as the credits roll, but the needle scene or the bag scene from Audition will haunt your dreams for decades. Truly, magnificently disturbing and utterly terrifying.

Anything on this list will provide a more intense, more lasting scare than anything Hollywood can offer:

Answer #6

definetly watch shutter, its amazing. I would also recommend one missed call. both of these movies are really good.

Answer #7

Texas Chainsaw Masacre.

Answer #8

Jacob’s Ladder Invasion of the Body Snatchers The Devil’s Backbone (not too scary but good) The Thing

Answer #9

omg the blair witch project was the crap of the earth!

Answer #10

its called johnny got his gun. its hard to fing but its worth it… I saw it and I didnt sleep for two days, im not lying

Answer #11

Ok so far all of these movies suck and are not scary!! I would suggest Wicker Man, The Orphanage, The Last House On The Left (Original), Pans Labrynth, Skeleton Key, The Descent, Vacancy, Quarantine thats all I can think of at the moment, these are pretty good!

Answer #12

SHUTTER!!! HONEST! I love horror films, name a horror, and more than likely I have seen it…no word of a lie (got a thing for zombie ones though lol!!)

however, I find the japanese films very chilling, and I always end up glancing over my shoulder!!

but ‘shutter’ its a subtitled film,. not a lot is said though…so subs not an issue…

but I saw the eye about 6 years ago (original japanese version) and it was much better than american one…less ‘fluffy’ ending!!

I think horrors really vary on what you like, I like house on the haunted hill 1 & 2… and most which involve psychiatric institutions…ummm, fellow horror buff… :)

Answer #13

I didnt like the skeleton key. but shutter was awsum!

Answer #14

Richard Matheson should be considered the father of modern zombie folklore. He reevaluated the curse of the vampire. The fear doesn’t come from the gore beyond what it suggests…the future. I think that the terror of the methodic creeping approach of death is the pyschological factor that works. There is something deeply disturbing when a once cohort succumbs to the inevitable and passes to the other side. This is an examination of the true loneliness of life… the heart of any fear. We play it out with games of tag… numbers mount against us and time is no longer a frivolity. Any movie that succeeds in making you feel truly lonely will be the scariest movie you have ever seen.

Movies go about that at different levels… zombie flicks affect the highest proportion because they work on a human level.

Others try and accomplish the same at higher levels…e.g. “In the Mouth of Madness.” “The Mothman Prophecies” “Phantasm” “Lizard in a Woman’s Skin” “Jacob’s Ladder”

John Carpenter employs the best cinematography technique to isolate the viewer… shouldnt be dismissed when considering the lonesome factor… “The Thing” “Halloween” previously mentioned… “In the Mouth of Madness.”

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