How to read 2 books in 4 days?

I need to read to books for reading and write a report on both. There both due this friday and i had absolutely forever to do it. I need to get it done. I can’t have an F. Someone help me… Also in secience i have an F. HOW DO I RAISE IT UP BY THIS FRIDAY. im doomed:(

Answer #1

You’d need to get started on a book asap. Dedicate all of your time to reading it, sleep, then do a report. Do the same with the second one.

You definitely don’t have much time, so get offline and get started!

Answer #2

Well if you have to read two books in one day, work on one for two days and the other for two. Bookmark a page that you want to read upto and push yourself to accomplish your task. Read whenever you have nothing to do and if you don’t feel like it, then imagine the big F you can get :-P Focus on one book at a time, reading two can be confusing. Just read before you go to bed, in the morning and even in the evening. Feel more motivated to read by reading outside. Find a place where you can have your peace and bring some snacks and bury your head in a book. I find reading outside more comfortable and refreshing. Goodluck :)

Answer #3

I would start by going on a site such as sparknotes and reading a plot synopsis and some information about the books. If you can an overview of the books and the themes to look out for then you can skim read the books, to increase your pace an just make sure you know the plot.

I would focus on one at a time and dedicate set times to reading, Make sure you break up the reading with some fun though. Have a snack after reading for an hour, then allow yourself to watch TV after another hour or so (time yourself watching TV so you do not get distracted for too long) and just keep coming back to the book. It might be useful to put a marker in your book whenever you come across something that you think you could use in your essay, so you do not have to waste time seraching for it after. At the end of the second day just start writing. Do this in a cool room (keep the window open a little if you need to) and minsimse distractions such as the TV. Even if you have not finished the book fully, start to write on what you know so far and you can always come back and improve it afterwards when you ahve done the same process with the other book.

Make sure you get rest every night and go to bed fairly early, so if it gets to thursday night and you are not done, you will be well rested enough to stay up late and finish if it comes to that. The important thing right now is to just get on with it.

I procrastinate too and end up having to rush. Just try and use study guides to help you, like I mentioned, and do the best you can.

As for science, I think you will have to wait to work on that and just take one assignment/ attempt to boost your grades at a time. Talk to your teacher about the fact you a struggling and work out a way you can do better. They may be able to give you some study tips, so do ask and then get together some friends to test each other on your scientific knowledge and just try and learn together as it will be more fun.

Don’t worry, you can so this and you do still have time. Just take things one step at a time and keep working at it. Imagine hwo good you will feel after Friday when it is all done and just focus on that feeling to keep you going :) good luck.

Answer #4

Well you had time, so if you did not take the advantage then take it now and start reading, read one half an hour and the other one onother half an hour, try to switch on them. That is if you can do that. Drop everything like hanging out, or going on the computer and focus on that only so you can get it done. Read at your best level and don’t get lazy about it. If you want to raise your siece grade up, go in on your own time and ask that teacher what you can do to make your grade better, meaby turn in some missing assigment, redo some assigments and stuff of that kind.

Answer #5

Great advice, but I think she could have read one of the books by time she read your post lol [=

Answer #6

For your sake I hope that they are both thin books with large print…

For the ‘F’ in science, get a tutor- science is a subject that does not come natural to everyone.

Get off-line and GET to work, NOW- it’s your only hope. Also in the future stop the procrastination, pushing deadlines is only OK if it’s for a trip to the mall.

Answer #7

Thank you so much!! This is the best advice EVER! :)

Answer #8

Lol jaxn924, I just know what it is like to be in her situation so I had a lot of advice. It only took about 2 minutes to read anyway and it looks like it helped her :)

Sorry my spelling was atrocious in places there OP, I wrote it fairly quickly.

Answer #9

I was just kidding [= it really was good advice!

Answer #10

go to and it will give you a summary of each chapter and all the things you need to no

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