What would you all do and how would you react if there were a real zombie outbreak?

Let’s get detailed people, this should be fun! =)

Answer #1


Answer #2

haha U mean i get the chance to shoot the people I hate in the head and it would be perfectly alright? I say bring it on, but can u at least make it those slow plodding zombies and not the sprinters we see now.. you see, I got this bum ankle right now so I need a head-start from my fat and mean zombie aunt who I hate with a passion :D And the best part about your question is I can get to play with explosives and play with all sorts of cool guns lol…no more laws, no more worrying about drunk driving as u smash into ur zombie friends and relatives :) Ok, i need to stop here now, this is getting to be too much fun.

Answer #3

I’d hole up in Wal-Mart. Food and firearms, baby.

Answer #4

haha, yeah man, they can be the slow ones, any sort of zombie YOU think is a real definition. And also, you are awesome. lol

Answer #5

Sounds like a good plan to me, would suck to have a large zombie break-in though, and then be cornered, what if you run out of ammo, and there’s plenty of zombies with heads still intact?

Answer #6

It would be going on! like I was playing COD Black Ops Zombies lmfao!

Answer #7

My weapon of choice for the coming apocalypse is a scarf. Awesome.

Answer #8

Haha, nice!

Answer #9

Could be worse, you could be armed with a box of tissues or something, lol

Answer #10

The Wall has an endless supply of weapons. If I run out of baseball bats and garden spades, I can beat them to death (re-death?) with fishing poles.

Answer #11

haha, thanks, and right back at you. The question is just genius and i could have gone on of what i wanted to do :D

Answer #12

Then they would be Nazi Zombies, and that would just be much worse. We’d need a little Revive lol

Answer #13

Oooo i love this question. I always thought that if the world does in 2012 that it would be like left 4 dead 2 , like drs made a mistake with meds and people had a out break. i would be prepared lol and i would love it as long as it was like left 4 dead 1 or 2 or like zombie land. Something fun where you can just drive around shooting zombies all day. I think i would be scared at once because it would be a little creepy and sad to know that you couldnt get your family back but it would be an experiance of a lifetime.

Answer #14

Haha, I like the way you think. Would be a great use of resources.

Answer #15

slow ones suck havent you ever played black ops? lmao their slow but when you run out of amo and they catch up to you they beat your ass. lmao

Answer #16

Haha, by all means, continue. This is one of my favorite things to talk about with people, especially people i don’t particularly know, lol, I love thinking about the possibilities and seeing what others have to say about it.

Answer #17

ill be armed with a frying pan if i really wanted eggs and a zombie came id pick it up and smash their heads in or a guitar thatd be really hardcore lmao

Answer #18

yeah i love this question a lot cuz ive thought about it before and i love zombie games and movies it would be scary but def fun.

Answer #19

I would seek immediate Psychiatric advice from the nearest Mental Health facility.

Answer #20

yeah nazi zombies are rude lol

Answer #21

Man I hope not. I don’t want zombies sprinting at me like they’re running track

Answer #22

Good luck with that they would be a zombie you should prob bring a weapon to your meeting lol

Answer #23

Hell yeah, it would be quite an experience. When I think about zombies, I think about it being a sort of sickness too, like in 28 days/weeks later, the “rage” they used in it. Maybe created as an attack weapon for the government, and it went wrong, like in stephen king’s ‘the stand’. It could happen, lol. I personally would try to get ahold of my best friend as soon as I found out, because then we’d be able to go out together and do some major zombie execution.

Answer #24

lmao we can leave out the jockeys and hunters and what not but think of it this way By time you finally diie of oldage you’ll be in great shape haha

Answer #25

Haha, yeah, I’d take a chainsaw with you if I were you, or maybe something lighter and easily able to flail and decapitate. On the way there, I’m sure you’ll see a few people who may change your mind about the mental health evaluation. =)

Answer #26

oh gosh…. mines a spoon…. im screwed..

Answer #27

haha, definitely.

Answer #28

Im with you Annie! great idea! i got your back.

Answer #29

nazi zombies would be pretty hardcore. We’d need to bring in some tanks, lol

Answer #30

yeahh something tells me your doc will mess you up more b y eating your brains than actually helping you. perhaps you should go to a gun store instead.

Answer #31

No, you could spoon them to death. lol. Just drop kick them and start spoon sawing at their neck while you hold their bite crazy faces down.

Answer #32

Or at least bring some bait with you, maybe an unfavorable enemy or something, so you can push them ahead of you when your doctor charges.

Answer #33

Personally, I’d like to leave out the Tanks

Answer #34

dude you have to have good aim they keep going unless you shoot their heads off lmao and they tear down walls at least the l4d2 zombies leave you in peace when you hide in the closet lol

Answer #35

haha spoon them to death… that just sounds awesome

Answer #36

A spork!!!!! that would be amazing =]

Answer #37

I’m with you all the way, zombies may be one of my favorite concepts in life.

Answer #38

yeah tanks are crazy . they throw cars and walls at you thats kinda rude lol

Answer #39

And now I’ve got back-up, too. I’m gonna survive the zombie apocalypse hardcore

Answer #40

haha, what you need is some good backup, with a lot of weapons at hand. The more in your group, the more hands there are to decapitate.

Answer #41

come on guys!!! we can take em!!! just gimme a shotgun and i got your backs!!!

Answer #42

ooh, a spork could be quite beneficial, you could stab and rip, as long as it wasn’t a plastic one, lol.

Answer #43

We’ll have to meet up at a gun store or something and zombie kill together if this happens lol sounds like we’re zombie killing experts i just dont want to be put with the guy going to his psychiatrist unless we use him as bate lmao. He might slow us down

Answer #44

yes, that’s what I’m talking about! Anti-zombie brigades, we could all fight together and get that stuff under control.

Answer #45

Im with you also!!! ill bring the illegal explosives we’ll watch zombies go boom haha

Answer #46

lol, yeahh, sorry majikthise, but I’m afraid we’d have to let you go alone, or with someone else of your choosing.

Answer #47

OMG…. thats genius.. a spork to stab and slice… i love it! haha

Answer #48

you are my new best friend Kryssy!! perfect idea! im a lil bit of a pyro too… bwahahaaha

Answer #49

When im playing the game i use my self as bate i run out really quick then back up and let my friends shoot the special zombies lmao

Answer #50

And i’ll bring some wires and bells and stuff, we could arrange some zombie traps to tell us when they get past the locks and make it into the building! haha, we’ll be ahead of the game and ready to kick some zombie butt.

Answer #51

I no like nazi zombies their harder than the sprinting ones !!! lol

Answer #52

lmao, that’s how I do it too

Answer #53

Anyone who wants to survive the the apocalypse should probably meet us at Wal-Mart

Answer #54

i think lady gaga will be the first to go by getting some kind of off the wall surgery . goodbye lady ga ga we will miss you lmao

Answer #55

lol, have you guys seen the movie dead snow? It has nazi zombies

Answer #56

we can create some landmines too…. with some spiked traps and holes for the zombies to die again from… but you always gotta remember the number one rule… double tap

Answer #57

haha, yes! Maybe even a triple tap in some circumstances, you can never be too safe

Answer #58

lol, I think you’re on to something

Answer #59

If we go to walmarts then that should cover all the red necks and then we should move on to the library to give us a challenge they will be the smart zombies that try to pull a trick on you but then i whip out some plasma grenades and boom they gone =]

Answer #60

we will? i dunno about that… i wouldnt mind shooting zombie gaga

Answer #61

lol that i havent but i just got black ops and i can barely get out of the first room on the first map lol

Answer #62

i love lady gaga ok?!!! lmao but she will be the reason zombies exist so let her live she will get us out of wrk lol

Answer #63

haha, genius! We could totally try going to the mall too, dawn of the dead looked pretty fun, and there’s so many resources in a mall.

Answer #64

lol, well hopefully you make it farther fast! We need all the zombie training we can get, so get your shooting skills down! haha

Answer #65

nahhh….. theres not enough ammo!!!! we can always use more ammo!!! i like it when their heads explode….

Answer #66

Like in Dead Rising 2, we can just start strappin’ knives onto broomsticks and putting traffic cones on their heads

Answer #67

lol…. that is a good point… maybe just this once….. but can i do it later please?

Answer #68

haha, we could do so many things. You know what would be possibly the coolest thing ever? If there was an island of zombies, and people were free to go there and kill them for sport. Like zombie hunting, and you can bring whatever weapons you please.

Answer #69

yes and we will bring them back and get them stuffed and hang them on our wall and be like you see this? if you turn into a zombie this could happen to you lmao

Answer #70

When you see The Zombies, you can be certain of one thing, whoever she is ….. . ….. She’s Not There.

02m : 29s YouTube A / V : http://funadvice.com/r/14qat442bmb

Great bass rhythm & riff from Chris White and early analogue electronic organ from Rod Argent Charting #2 in the States around 1964 .

Answer #71

lmao, yes, that’s pretty much exactly what I’d do. that would be so cool.

Answer #72

Fine can we at least do one of her crazy ass dances with her just once and i wanna see her house it has to be a work of art lol

Answer #73

Can zombies swim? Let’s just get a boat and snipe them and retire on an island. We deserve it, we pretty much just came up with a plan to save that world at 3 in the morning.

Answer #74

i dont think they can swim lol usally in left 4 dead when you wait for a boat they come from the woods not the water lol and yes we will be the one that saves the world and did we need 10 years of college for this no lol

Answer #75

lmao everyone needs xbox live for training left 4 dead 2 classes will begin next fall all that apply must have a shooting bg or must love to play with fire lmao

Answer #76

lol, yeah, seriously. We’re just naturals. haha. But yeah, I don’t think they can swim, their arms and legs are a bit stiff, and if they were on an island, I think they’d have trouble getting through the ocean by just swimming

Answer #77

Idk some can run and some take an hour to walk across the room lol and theres never a fat zombie unless its a boomer lol so they get their exercise by walking it out lol

Answer #78

Theme song, check.

Answer #79

haha, there’s some fat ones in zombieland.

Answer #80

i would think that the zombie fish would eat them…. considering they would be hungry too…..

Answer #81

well that’s the thing, would it only be zombie humans? or would there be zombie animals too? and if so, what animals, would there be a line drawn between species?

Answer #82

only if i get to laugh at you….er… with you(?)…. when your done… =D …. yeah that is true her house must be crazy…. i wonder if she has a dungeon…

Answer #83

Im signing up!!!! i like both those things!!!

Answer #84

Good thing I have L4D2 and COD Black Ops. Get some practice in lol

Answer #85

i believe that if anything gets bitten.. it gets infected… so when there’s no more humans left, the zombies may try to eat animals.. thus totally messing up the circle of life

Answer #86

Sorry the embedding hasn’t worked - the link further up the post is functional.

Answer #87

wait….. are we gonna take field trips to blow real stuff up for the practice? you know? educational purposes…….

Answer #88

No the doggies live i would be really depressed if a dog got eaten by zombies lol

Answer #89

Maybe I’d go to see my Parish Priest He kicks ass for the Lord.

02m :14s YouTube film clip from Peter Jackson’s “Braindead”:


hopefully this embeds properly …..

Answer #90

well, people are infected by blood right? So like, with that many zombies around, and so many bugs and animals around, wouldn’t that mean that there would be zombie blood on the ground in a lot of places, and possibly contaminating any food for those said creatures? So like, the whole world could be one total interspecies zombie fest in a matter of weeks.

Answer #91

lmao thatd be sexy in that case can we take over her house i want a dungeon with whips chains handcuffs and cages thats kinky lmao

Answer #92

yes we will itll be a learning experience and we’ll drive a short bus for disguise lol and annie do you have xbox live you should give me your gamer tag and we’ll play on there sometime im getting a mic soon

Answer #93

My question is how are there so many zombies dont most people get eaten by them so if their eatin the people how are people getting infected lol

Answer #94

I’ve thought about that too, I guess they just turn into zombies pretty fast, so like if there’s a group of zombies, and they come across one person, that person will just get torn apart, but if there’s a group that comes across a group of non-brainmunchers, then that group of people is more likely to get infected than to get actually eaten because they’d have backup killing the eaters.

Answer #95

hahaha you xboxers crack me up! But Nazi zambies is the ish! Without that, Black Ops would be gay! smdh

Answer #96

Sounds good to me Kryssy. I’ll have to give you my brothers gamertag because I bum off his Xbox and my older brother’s PS3. I’m in the process of saving up for my own 360 lol

Answer #97

Usually in movies it takes awhile to become a zombie like the one where their at the mall it took the pregnant girl forever to turn into one.

Answer #98

i love my 360 its my bff

Answer #99

yeah, true, and then in other movies, it was really fast, like in 28 days later, and the guy just gets that drop of blood in his eye and starts turning right away.

Answer #100

then again, were those really zombies in 28 days later? because it was more like a sickness, like they weren’t out in the daytime, and they died off after a while.

Answer #101

I’ll probably name mine when I get it lol

Answer #102

Kinda like uh i am legend their not zombies their just sick and make everyone else sick and umm whats that other game that is a outbreak is it resident evil? But yeah Most games that have “zombies” Their not like the old zombies that come out from their grave they just get sick and randomly become flesh eating people lol

Answer #103

close my eyes pretend it’s not happening and then probably become a zombie myself…og god please don’t kill me!!!!!!!!

Answer #104

welll….. i wasnt thinkin of THAT kind of dungeon…. get yo mind outa the gutter!!! lol (i agree tho….. =P (good point))

Answer #105

wow you gals…. wow…. your more hardcore gamers than i am…. and i thought i was sick!

Answer #106

pshh ima dirty minded freak those dungeons are smexy haha wanna come to mine lmao

Answer #107

i suck at black ops atm cuz i just got it but im amazing at l4d2 i cant help it im a nerd

Answer #108

lol, yeah, I know what you’re saying. I guess they’ve evolved with people’s fears.

Answer #109

well, if you do become a zombie, don’t go to walmart, cuz you won’t have a chance at settling down and just living a long and peaceful zombie life.

Answer #110

maaaaaybe…. =3

Answer #111

yeah i like to watch the really old zombie movies its funny how much theyve advanced haha from bein super slow to pretty much sprinting

Answer #112

ikr if your a zombie i kill you and if your not a zombie and not with my group of people then i still kill you lmao

Answer #113

ikr if your a zombie i kill you and if your not a zombie and not with my group of people then i still kill you lmao

Answer #114

I would lure the zombies into a house soaked in petrol and/or kero and light it woohoo lol

Answer #115

I would lure the zombies into a house soaked in petrol and/or kero and light it woohoo lol

Answer #116

I would lure the zombies into a house soaked in petrol and/or kero and light it woohoo lol

Answer #117

You could lure them all to Tasmania, ….. ….. they would just settle there and nobody would know the difference.

Answer #118

Lucky me, I get to use a door :)

Answer #119

I would arm myself to the teeth with guns and ammo. Move somewhere remote and live by farming a piece of land, and eating wild animals. and killing any zombie that happens to wander into my booby trapped land.

Answer #120

I would arm myself to the teeth with guns and ammo. Move somewhere remote and live by farming a piece of land, and eating wild animals. and killing any zombie that happens to wander into my booby trapped land.

Answer #121

get machine guns. this is my chance to kill zombies in real life!

Answer #122

Here’s some more boobs for your booby traps:


Answer #123

i would get my guns and FSU.

Answer #124

That’s actually a really smart idea, you’d probably make it longer than most would.

Answer #125

maybe lure them to Antarctica even.

Answer #126

ooh, but then again, if they’re fast zombies, then that door may be a burden because it would be slower to swing given the size and weight of it, and a zombie could tackle you before it’s even hit the brain muncher’s face. Great shield though, and you could smash zombies against things, or push them off of buildings.

Answer #127

Could they send us email or something just before it happens? I like to be organized:D

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