What does raw fish sushi taste like?

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It tastes disgusting. Personal choice.

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Amaziiing :D

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on its own like crap but with a nice sauce its bloody gorgeous.

itried it for teh 1st time quite recently :p

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I love it just raw fish or the rolls, but we don't get to eat sushi but once a week, going out to eat it can get costly.

whats it taste like to you?

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It really depends on what the sushi is made out of....not sure if tuna can be sushi or if it's usually a different kind of fish, but, as Matt said with the right sauce, raw tuna is pretty amazing. It has to be completely fresh though, otherwise, it's dangerous.

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Yes, Tuna is eaten raw and served at sushi restaurants.

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To me it mostly tastes like rice and seaweed, with a hint of something fresh and tender. If you really want to know the awesome, delicate pleasures of raw (and very fresh) fish, order the sashimi.

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Really soft and depending on its freshness, like raw salmons, kinda melt in your mouth.

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It Doesntt Matterrrr !! I Love Sushii <3 Btw Isabella U should try it to knw bcz everyone has a different opinion :))

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Yea sure will

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