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Lets Say a terrorist comes && Signs up for Funadvice

What would we do? Would they get banned? How would you react?

Answer #1

F*ck all that. I would call the FBI and have this place turned inside out if I had to, to have that bastard terrorist terminated.

Yeah thats wonderful…ban him from the site, but allow him the oppurtunity to back out into the world and potential to commit more terrorist acts like 9/11…

Answer #2

I’m sorry if this offends anyone.

  1. terrorists are human beings
  2. do you even understand terrorism?

They have the right to be human. Just because they’re not in the right doesn’t mean you have to be in the wrong too.

I’m not going to start judging everyone and be like ‘oh wait, I’m sorry, I can’t talk to you, because you have, or might do something stupid’ because anyone could hurt someone. Why would they be on FunAdvice anyway?

I think that the media over publicises terrorism. America doesn’t understand terrorism. Someone dying in a second is not real terror.

If you want to understand terrorism go to Bosnia. A place where people live with complications everyday because they grew up as kids indoors. they weren’t allowed outside because people crossing the road to get the paper where being shot down.

Walk through Auswitz and Birkenau and read the stories; of the Jews who were persecuted on the basis of their religion, of the Gypsies and Poles on the the basis of race.

Terror is NOT an event. It is an everyday hell.

If there was someone who was a terrorist on FunAdvice then I would not associate or support them. God will judge, not man.

that’s my opinion.

Answer #3

If they made threats or broke any other rules repeatedly, they’d be gone, just like anyone else who does it. There is often a warning depending on the situation but I mean if they were making a terrorist type threat they’d be gone in an instant.

Answer #4

Well, if I had reason to believe they really were a terrorist, I’d contact the FBI. But my first reaction would be they were a troll, and I’d probably just ignor ethem.

Answer #5

Define “terrorist”…somebody who orders a war with a country & kills thousands of innocent people?

…in any case, if we had proof, we’d be turning over a case file to the government of the US at the very least, and if we felt strongly about it, the government of 2 other countries as well.

Personally, we’ve built a case file, but stopped short of pushing for prosecution, in one incident so far …for which I’m glad. However, if something like that previous incident happens again, I’m probably going to skip the drama & simply turn them over to the police to arrest, convict and sentence.

Answer #6

The problem is, it might be hard to actually gauge whether someone is really a terrorist. Anyone who posted something like “I’m a terrorist!!!” on threads would probably be instantly categorised as a troll by me and probably a few others. If they were asking suspicious questions like ‘How can I make a pipe bomb?’ or anything, it’d be noted in the admin’s ‘list’ of actions taken with users. If the user didn’t have their account deleted, and they continues to post suspicious stuff, it’d be handed over to the authorities, pronto. If the account was deleted, there are ways we can figure out if a certain user has made a second account, and we can monitor them closely.

I personally would react by informing thedude and/or editor about my suspicions, backed up with some kind of evidence.

Answer #7

Ohh But Like How Would YOU React?

Answer #8

they are just humans like us so they would be banned if they broke anyrules on this site.

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